This is only a GA reupload. I didn't have the time to find the real one.

He's Ibrs' brother.


Yzmir was born a few years after Ibrs, and was very active. He heard some legends about rogue Ala-Ik that meditated under waterfalls and could break giant boulders with a single fist. Liking the legends, he did those things, and was even guided by Ibrs, his older brother. Eventually, Yzmir became an excelling student in the ranks of the Ala-Ik Army.

In The ArmyEdit

While in the army, his past training payed off, and he climbed up the ranks of the Ala-Ik Army until he could own his own squadron, like Ibrs. He managed to, but he dosen't use it very much. Yzmir is the one who takes care of most everyday problems scattered across the empire's colonies in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Ala-Ik home galaxy.