Xanea is the deity who created the Squin. Currently, he doesn't have a religion associated with him, though he used to.

Characteristics Edit

Xanea seems to only care about his only creation, the Squin, and will mercilessly crush anything that threatens their existence. He appears as a large dragon and is often surrounded by snow and extreme cold when he makes an appearance.

History Edit

His first known appearance was during the Squin tribal stage, which accidentally caused the Glaxon Ice Age. Many years later he appeared in the Fake Universe to help the Squin conquer it, and then came to the Real Universe to prevent the Inter-Galactic War. He also saved the Communist Squin faction from the Apocalyptic War and brought them 50 million years into the future to fight the Glaxar Squin, which was his last appearance.

Xaneism Edit

Xaneism was a religion focused on the worship of Xanea. It had been around ever since Xanea made his first appearance to the Squin during their tribal stage. The Squin were the only race to ever follow it, but it wasn't very significant in the days of the Alliance of Order, even to the Squin, because Xanea didn't even require them to worship him. Active worship of him was at its peak during the Squin civilization stage when there were theocratic nations focused on Xaneism, which were likely trying to earn his favor so he would make them the most powerful nation on Glaxon. He didn't, however, and instead chose Squaven and his Communist nation.

Trivia Edit

  • For some reason, he made no effort to save the Squin from the Quantum War despite helping that same faction not long before.
  • He originally intended for the Glaxar Squin to dominate Glaxon and lead the Squin into space, but they rebelled against him, causing him to nearly extinct them.