Weapons of mass destruction, sometimes known as busters, are a type of weapon that have the ability to utterly annihalate a stellar object. There are many different kinds of weapons of this sort.


These are the most well-known weapons of mass destruction, and are the most diverse.

Planet BusterEdit

A simple weapon that drills into a planet's core, causing said planet to explode.

Star BusterEdit

A more powerful version of the Planet Buster. Causes a solar system to be destroyed.

Galaxy BusterEdit

The galaxy buster is a weapon created by the Squin Spodification Group which was used to destroy the Squin Galaxy. Only one has been used in the Rp. It counts as a superweapon.


A weapon created by the Squin that nearly destroyed the entire role play universe. Was destroyed and no one knows the blueprints to it.


This category of weapons of mass destruction are often fired in the form of missiles, and can be especially dangerous.

Nuclear MissileEdit

Your standard nuclear missile, akin to the kind that the citizens of the Earth used.

Atomic MissileEdit

Like a nuclear missile, but more destructive.

Nebula BombEdit

Highly coveted by many empires in the Bode's Galaxy, these highly dangerous missiles are able to destroy entire star systems without leaving any matter that could possibly cause the birth of a new star.  The People's Republic Of The Shamasty was among the first empires to concieve a nebula bomb, and many empires have followed since, with such innovations as the Zoratheist Orcelio Empire's Oskaat-1 rocket booster, which can be reused for countless uses.

Quantum BombEdit

A highly destructive weapon invented by former inhabitants of the Andromeda II Galaxy.  It uses overlapping vacuums to draw in a lot of matter, and then draw in the opening from which the matter gets dragged out.  Through stabilisation technology, the resulting explosion only reaches a radius of up to 25 parsecs, but still makes the laws of time and space in the region very distorted.