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A specimen in it's extremely light armor. After returning the Molecular Converter to the Ala-Ik, they gave them armor-only versions of the technology.

They are little-known dolphin-like creatures descended from an offshoot from an Ala-Ik ancestor that lived near the shores. Those that went further into the waters with the coming generations became the second most intelligent species on Ex I.

Biological HistoryEdit

After a quadrupedal ancestor of the Ala-Ik developed, some went close to the ocean and would undergo about 100 million years of change from there. Their front legs became flippers, and their hind legs became a tail like one of a seal. The result: dolphin-like relatives of the Ala-Ik able to hold their breaths for about 14 hours at a time.



A glimpse at a village nestled in a small crater.

During the Ala-Ik Empire's prime, a dropped Molecular Converter was found, and the shadows of boats known as Lava Gliders were worshipped as legendary beasts. In fact, each building that this species made with the Molcular Converter contains four representations of them in the hallway to the single room. They attempted returning the technology to them several times, but without success. They then decided to keep it, and went on to build cities of fine silver. Each pack borrows the one closest to them while chasing their prey, and as the alien fish move, so does the pack. These borrowed villages number 1625.

First ContactEdit

It was attempted several times to return the Molecular Converter they found. However, later on, some Ala-Ik scientists saw the magnificent silver villages, and then sent an invisible probe down to observe them. They eventually sent down a clone to learn the culture more, and discovered that they wanted to return a Molecular Converter to them. The clone was then equipped with a holographic waterproof video showing the pack about the Molecular Converter. The pack agreed to let the clone have it to return it to the Ala-Ik. And from there, they continued to prosper until the Great Sacrifice.