The United Republic of the Stars
Urs flag 3


Democratic Republic



Current Leader

President Eustice Trudotaa




No official religion


Attrian: "Kaikki yhden ja yksi kaikkien puolesta"

Basic: "All for One and One for All"

National Anthem

"Battle Hymn of the Republic"


URS Credit


At least a Century

Official Language


The United Republic of the Stars (URS) is a Democratic Republic that is based in the Gula Galaxy. It is based around the general idea of the spread of universal rights to all of the universe through as peaceful means as possible. It is widely considered a major power on the universal scale.

Brief HistoryEdit

About 47 million years after the Founding of GulaCorp, the first ever space-faring empire formed by Attrybites was formed, the Empire of Attria. They were a fearsome empire to neighbors, and they were quickly able to take up a sizable chunk of the Galactic Arm that Attria lies on. After around a 1 million year reign of terror in the Gula Galaxy, the first ever significant civil war occured, between a recently formed subempire that declared independence from the Empire of Attria, the Attrian Star Republic, which was formed using the basic ideals of what is now the URS. People living there were fed up with the totalitarian dictatorship in the Empire, and wanted to have an empire where rights of the people were respected. The civil war lasted for around 10 years, and to the suprise of everyone, the Star Republic managed to defeat the Empire of Attria. This led to a new era of Star Republic rule that lasted about 30 thousand years, often refered to as the "Freedom Era". But, after a fairly uneventful and peaceful 30 thousand years of some expanding of Attrian influence, yet another civil war occured that lasted even longer than the last. The War was sparked by races that were persecuted against when they joined the Star Republic seceded to form the True Free Republic of the Stars. Although this war was even longer, it was a lot less bloody, as not much fighting occured. But after 10 thousand years of pointless fighting, the Attrian Star Republic finally agreed to merge ideals and territory with the True Free Republic of the Stars. This merger led to a new nation being formed using ideals from both nations: The United Republic of the Stars.


The Capital Planet (and homeworld) is Attria. Attria is a very earth-like planet with various wildlife. The Capitol is found in Attra, the largest city on Attria, which holds the Senate, House of Represenatives, and the President of the URS, as well as nearly 10 million Attrybites and 500,000 other humanoids of other species.


The URS is divided into Solar system states, of which have their own government and legislature. There are approximately 5,672 States in the URS, and some territories abroad in different galaxies. Each state has 2 members of the Senate and 1 represenative per populated planet in that solar system state.

How to become a StateEdit

To be a state, the Solar system must have at least 1 star, with at least 2 planets. The state also must have a population of at least 1 million  citizens. Finally, the State must draft a Constitution, and laws.

National AnthemEdit

The National Anthem of the URS is "The Battle Hymn of the Republic", a song commonly affiliated with the ancient "American Civil War" that took place on Earth.


Naval Hymn version, usually played before major events:

US Marines - Battle Hymn Of The Republic-0

US Marines - Battle Hymn Of The Republic-0


The Total Estimated Population of the United Republic of the Stars is 5.4 trillion.

67.3% of the population identifies as an Attrybite.

30.6% of the population identifies as a Cobaltan.

1.1% of the population identifies as a Herpe.

1% of the population identifies as an Other Race.

The largest by population state in the entire URS is the State of Cobalta, with an estimated population of 95 billion.