The Source was a long forgotten deity.  After sowing life across the A.O.O. multiverse, he helped his creations evolve, with his appearance on a planet having similar effects to a monolith.

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The Source


The Source is a shape shifting god who created the Scobe, the Janus, the Nightrai and the Mothrai, as well as many other unknown species. He prefers the heat to the cold and simply admires his creations. He appears most commonly as a modified Scobe, as seen to the right. The act of worshiping The Source is known as Sourcery, but this religion is long dead. He has a very cheery personality but will give someone an earful if said person does something rude.


The Fake Exiled One and the Source were around for the same time, like Yin and Yang.  This being said, the Source is in fact a radically different alternate of the Exiled One, specifically from the I.E.E universe, and refers to other Exiled Ones as his brothers. One day, following an argument regarding each other's creations, the Fake Exiled One banished the Source to the Fake Universe, by then assimilated by the New Exiled One. Only he is known to know what goes on in this supposedly empty void. Eventually, he was rescued by Tekoguu, who brought him out of his prison. After being included in Tekoism's pantheon, the amount of people who worship the Source has skyrocketed, so Sourcery has basically merged into that religion.


  • For some odd reason, The Source enjoys tea and cake.
  • Apparently, the Source and Tekoguu have known each other for a long time.