(Due to mistakes in perspective by the user who began this war, this war is non-canon until further notice.)

The Reaper War is the name given to the grueling war the omniverse faced. It lasted only for two months, but those two months brought cataclysm to the omniverse.

The WarEdit

(For info on the Reapers, go here) The Alliance of Order had contacted a large run-down ship, filled with Krimn who had escaped Reaper control. They tried to tell the AOO, but the Reaper Aggression cut off communications. Soon after, the Reaper fleet, headed by their leader Harbinger, attacked the Omniverse, bringing chaos, destruction, and genocide across the omniverse. Their Husks (Husks are the Reapers' cyborg zombies. Go here for info) overwhelmed ground troops, the Reapers attacked buildings from above, their destroyers ramaging through resistance bases, and their Hades Cannon AA turrets destroying all aerial oppostion. Later in the war, the Krimn found the wreckage of a peaceful reaper named Pacifc (who was destroyed for her peaceful nature). They salvaged and rebuilt her, and in return, Pacific agreed to become the new flagship of the Krimn Armada. She also revealed blueprints for The Crucible, an ancient superweapon developed by the last races to be extincted by the Reapers, one of them being the Protheans, who were extincted before using the weapon. The Crucible was built, and headed off to the home of galactic government, now in Reaper hands, The Citadel.

The Final BattleEdit

This was it. A large squadron consisting of Krimn forces, Squin, Luna, Jaylots, Ala-Ik, and many other AOO members were racing towards a teleporter to the Citadel, so that they could attach the Crucible to it, and activate the super weapon. But they were attacked by Harbinger, and his second-in-command Aggression. The two Reapers attacked the squadron, destroying most of it. This seemed like the end. The Reapers, may have won their next genocide...

The Catalyst and the CrucibleEdit

On the Citadel, Invader_ZIM_Fan (The Krimn leader), and the remaining AOO squad members found themselves in a room aboard the Citadel unknown to anyone, and the Crucible attached to the Citadel directly above them. Suddenly, a hologram of the Catalyst (formerly believed to be the final component of the Crucible) emerged, explaing to the squad that he was impressed by their efforts. He revealed that the Reapers were his creations. The Reapers would attack the omniverse every 5,000,000 years, and store all the minds of every species into one Reaper form, each Reaper being one entire species, preserving that species, leaving room for new life to flourish. It then gives the AOO 3 options: Destroy the Reapers, which will also destroy all technology, including some vital cybernetic components the Krimn required to live (being cyborgs), Control the Reapers, which would replace the Catalyst with Invader_ZIM_Fan, causing him to become the new Reaper master, and gaining a Reaper body, or Synthesis, the final evolution of all life. The squad contatced all AOO leaders at once. Most were in favor of the Destroy option. A few were in favor of the Control option. Invader_ZIM_Fan, suggested the Synthesis option. But, before anyone could stop him, Invader_ZIM_Fan jumped into the Crucible's beam, and was obliterated, and absorbed by the Crucible's energy. The beam turned from white to green, and blasted across the omniverse. Being a cyborg, Invader_ZIM_Fan's DNA schematics were copied onto the rest of the species of the omniverse. Organics were given synthetic traits down to the DNA level, and Synthetics were given organic traits down to the molecular level. The line between organic and synthetic was now erased, and the Reapers had a change of heart. They ceased their attacks, and the omniverse was safe once more.


The Reapers were now helping to rebuild everything they destroyed; and improve upon it. The Reapers also shared with the omniverse the knowledge of the races they had "extincted" (preserved) before. The Husks also regained the minds and consciousness of who they once were. With the residents of the Omniverse and the Reapers working together, there was possibly no threat with the Reapers as protectors. Pacific went on to become the flagship of the Krimn Armada, winning many awards in "Best Flagship" contests across the Spore galaxy. Aggression went on to be a party club bouncer (it's easy to tell people they're not on the list when you're 2 kilometers high and armed with lasers, molten metal cannons, and 6 legs that could squish them). Everyone else? Let's just say it's a happy ending. Until the next threat appears, that is. Though, there is a rumor IZF May have survived somehow...