The People's Republic of the Stars (PRS) was a very large empire that was based in the Gula Galaxy. They were a communist republic, and often were considered one of the most corrupt nations in the Universe. There are accusations made by other empires and escapees that the PRS was known for inhumanely exploiting their people, although this has not been confirmed. During their peak, they declared war on the United Republic of the Stars, their arch-rival and greatest enemy. This allowed a massive expansion in territory, but at the same time caused the central government to sink in debt due to tons of military spending, thus beginning their sharp decline and their demise. This debt caused lots of internal turmoil when workers and soldiers were not getting fully paid for their service, and many mass riots followed. The entire military was divided in two when soldiers angry with the lower paying went on strike, and this led to feuding between Loyalists and striking soldiers. Utterly these feuds ended in the collapse of the military, and when the United Republic of the Stars noticed the collapse of the military, they were quick to force the PRS Government to surrender and fold, and cede almost all PRS territory to the URS.