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The Mumbleflubbies have existed for millions of years.  They claim that before they were created by an unknown god for the purpose of war there were no species to fight off anarchy and "Freedom" in their galaxy.


Although all creatures should start from a small microbe the Mumbleflubbies did not, as their earliest ancestors lived on land and were genetic experiments to attempt to make a creature from scratch, and it was thought to be failed. It was coincidental that the god sent a ship with mold down to their planet, the Muble's were herbivores, after the mold was consumed that changed, the Mubles began growing the features of a omnivore. They had the knowledge of misled gods and could see all that sorounded, they could see what is evil, what is doomed and what shall be, these traits were lost as they evolved however. They evolved into smaller bipeds based on gathering food and killing.

The Time Of KingsEdit

In the years of kings and tribes nothing harmed them, not even themselves they had no "Freedom" or anarchy in those times they just sat back and hunted down the animals that stole from them.

When Nations Were MadeEdit

As well known they invented guns capable of killing faster, they fought each other for mixed reasons, the best reason is the need for land or materials. The first nation rising was the last standing, they invented nuclear weaponry the same time they went out to sea, they sent these nukes through submarines and eventually conquered the planet within hours.

Finally Into SpaceEdit

After years of cooperative research the Mumbleflubbies went into space, it was almost empty at the time as not many races in their galaxy had reached this point, the Mumbleflubbies colonized 500 planets in this time each one provided rare spices which plumeted the Mumbleflubbies into a great economical stand point.

The Great RiseEdit

The Mumbleflubbies found the A.O.O on a chance encounter, a small satelite with the coordinates to them was found in their galaxy, they followed the coordinates to their galaxy and contacted them, it was a succesful day as the Mumbleflubbies joined. After some more time the Mumbleflubbies saved the A.O.O from the Janus by killing all of them, but also killing off the last Ala-Ik forces outside the pocket realities back then, as well as the pocket realities, for the Octagon Alliance managed to merge with the I.O.E before a lawful reclaiming of the I.O.E to the A.O.O could be done. Now with the Mumbleflubbies as one of the top A.O.O races they can now fulfill what they had in mind, More universes and power.

Until the Dobolorean Shield wiped them out.