So im here at the Silver Bridge here in Point Pleasant,West Virginia, with...Oh my...OH MY GOD!!! 

-Human reporter on the day the Silver Bridge collapsed


The flag of the Mothrai Empire.

The Mothrai were a mysterious and large empire that worshiped the Exiled One.They were a monarchy ruled by a queen but they had a more "hive" structure of society. The Mothrai were also in the Allied Hive. In fact, they were the first empire to join said alliance.


Ancient HistoryEdit

Lost Tapes Mothman

Lost Tapes Mothman

Their history is not well known at all by other empires except for the Mothrai themselves. What the Exiled Hive did know is that their first empire was destroyed by Humans and that they originally came from an alternate universe.  Other information that was leaked was that the Mothrai originally tried to invade the Humans, destroying the Silver Bridge and terrorizing Native Americans. This of course, failed.

A New HomeEdit

When the Mothrai "migrated" to this universe, they found the perfect homeworld (located in the Milky Way Galaxy) for them after months of oppression from empires that were already there. The Homeworld was named Rhiles, named after the first Mothrai Queen. They were stuck between two powerful Empires, the Communist USZR in the center, and the Exiled Hive in the Outer Rim. The Mothrai originally tried to ally the Exiled Hive, the aliiance was declined but if the Mothrai were strong enough to destroy either the Grox or the Demoid Empire, then they would ally them.

First BloodEdit


A picture taken during the conquest of Demius.

The Mothrai Fleet accepted the mission request and immediatley set a course for the Demoid Homeworld, Demius. Once they got to Demius the invasion began. Mothrai Infantry were sent in first via the use of Drop Pods. After a minor skirmish with an outpost, Reinforcements of Tanks were sent in. Once the City was captured, the  Mothrai Army rewired the shield generator of the city to prevent any and all aircraft in the vicinity from entering, including ships! However, the defence on Demius could still send in Tanks and Infantry. With no more reinforcements, The Mothrai miraculously won the Battle for Demius. They then Nuked all other Cities in the Demoid Empire. As a result the Demoid Empire was no more.

The Mothrai NowEdit

The Mothrai were in the Allied Hive as one the more powerful members. Aside from a small area around the Galactic Core controlled by the USZR, they had full control over the Milky Way galaxy, sharing their territory there with the Exiled Hive, as they did once before. Since they had no religion, the Mothrai gladly adopted the Exilist religion. They planned on dealing with the conflict with the Shami soon but don't neccesarily want to destroy them, they don't want to see the horrors of what they have done to the Demoids done to the Shami.

The Apocalyptic WarEdit

The Mothrai created the time capsule with their DNA and Data. During the war, they put up a good fight but eventually died out like the others.

The MSREdit

The Mothrai were then revived after the 50 million years due to the time capsule. They had all their blueprints and everything but decided too create new structures and vehicles. They then grew rapidly and took over most of the Milky Way. They then joined the Alliance Of Reason, and despite not having the immense territory of their forefathers, they are a force too be reckoned with. For more information on the MSR, go too this link:




A Mothrai citizen.

The Mothrai appear very strange when you take a good look at them. They seem to be a cross between a bird and an insectoid. They have large wings for flying through any terrain. Their coloration is also good camoflauge during the night.They have light, feathery bodies with insectoid limbs and thir mouth is covered by feathers. However the most interesting of all their anatomy is their large eyes,which takes up most of their face. They appear to glow a very bright red when in danger...


The Mothrai used to have no religion. Their loyalties with the Queen and living in a "Hive" society were all they had. But ever since they joined the Allied Hive, their culture has diversified greatly and they now have the Exiled religion.



Reno, the best Mothrai captain of all time.

The Mothrai seemed to be the most technologically advanced out of all the other Allied Hive members. They commonly use Infantry,which are armed with an assault rifle w/ bayonet and Exiled essence. Since they rarely use Land vehicles, the only land vehicles they do use are Speeders and Mechanized Infantry. They have no airforce because they can already fly and use their space fighters in air battles.For space battles, they once again use fighters but they also use Space Stations and Warships to obliterate the enemy.Overall, the Mothrai Military was more advanced than the rest of the Allied Hive's military, just not as large as the other said militaries.



Queen Nightstar, the current ruler of the Mothrai Empire.

The Mothrai Empire was a monarchy, currently ruled by Queen Nightstar. Once there was a time when there was total anarchy among the Mothrai Tribes. Queen Rhiles, first queen of the Mothrai, with her many eyes, was seen as wise by all the tribes and so, the descendants of Rhiles had been ruling ever since.

Role in the Allied HiveEdit

The Mothrai were the main scientists of the Allied Hive despite the fact that they were Knights. They improve the Alliance's tech and gear. Although their knowledge of science is small compared the Shami's, they are growing smarter and may soon rival the Shami. They were also seen as the 2nd most powerful member in the Alliance.


- The Mothrai may be the "Mothman" seen by many people in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.