MSR Flag

The Flag of the Mothrai Socialist Repubilic. The Exilist symbol represents loyalty to the god that helped them. The Black represents the chaos and unlawnesseness of the Omniverse and the Red stripe represents the Peace and Order of Communisim.

Battalion Wars 2 Music - Tundra Territories Theme

Battalion Wars 2 Music - Tundra Territories Theme.

Anthem of the MSR

The Mothrai Socialist Republic (or more commonly known as the MSR) were a socialist empire created by the new generation of Mothrai. They were led by Premier Raihkov and were a Communist-Exilist nation. 


The new generation of Mothrai was created after the Forgotten War, which destroyed the original Mothrai empire.

They had the blueprints to their original buildings and vehicles but decided to make a completely new empire, with new vehicles, buildings and tech, all founded on the ideals of Socialism.

They created a new branch of communism known as Mothism, where the people have a say in certain matters such as wars or voting on the new mayor of a space colony but overall, the government controls the populace.

They also are the only species in the RP to regain some memories back after the Apocalyptic War. They regained their knowledge of the Exiled One and worshipped him.

When they were revived, Space Pirate cartels practically ruled the Milky Way Galaxy. This is due to the fact that they were revived in the Bronze age of Space Piracy, a period of time where Space Piracy was common and the crime rate was high.This did not last very long, however, as the empires emerged from their machines. The Pirates were forced to withdraw into the outer rim of the galaxy where there wasn't much plunder.

They joined the Alliance Of Reason and were one of the more powerful members.

The Source sent the entire MSR into a pocket dimension to store them, leaving only the planets that the MSR colonized.


Military-The MSR's military was a very strong force that was not be reckoned with. With a force of roughly 800 billion personel and additional reserve militias, the MSR's military was one of the largest. They took pride in their various military spaceships and even had remnants of the Shami warp technology. For more info on the MSR's Military, go to this link:

Economy-The MSR's economy was doing well. They used Sporebucks as currency and most of their money went to funding for the military and improving technology. They occasionaly had problems with Space Pirates that stole their profits, but overall they had a strong economy

Culture- The MSR's religion was Exilism. They worshipped the Exiled One and even recieved some memories of their past generation from him.

Population- The MSR had a population of 3 trillion people, making them the Second largest species ( during its lifespan) in the Milky Way. The first being the Quee Empire.

Territories- The MSR controlled two arms of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Religion- Most of the population in the MSR was Exilist (78%) However, they did have a free religion policy for their citizens and for other species that wished to live in the MSR's territories.

Notable Mothrai in the MSREdit

Premier Raihkov- Leader of the MSR.

Captain Rhilo- Upstart MSR captain, Son of General Reno.

General Reno- The General of the Exilist armies during the Apocalyptic War.