Kingdom of Herpa
Kingdom of herpa flag


Royal Monarchy



Current Leader

King Miles XV




Christian Church of Herpa


"One under God"


Herpa ruble


Unknown, at least 50 million years

Official language


National Anthem

"Heil dir im Seigerkranz"

The Kingdom of Herpa is a mid-sized empire in the Gula Galaxy. The Kingdom is well known for it's ship building/designing industry, because it is one of the main suppliers of ships to the United Republic of the Stars. It also builds ships for civilian use as well. It tries hard to stay out of wars, although despite this, they have one of the largest navies in the Gula Galaxy. Most major empires consider them a neutral state, despite the kingdom having somewhat close ties to the URS.

Brief History Edit

It is unclear when the kingdom officially was formed due to poor record keeping and possible book-burning done during the many anti-royal protests that have happened over the course of the kingdom's existence. It is known that the Spine Grox missionaries were key in the spread of Christianity in the early days of the kingdom, and it became so popular in the kingdom that eventually a branch of Christianity was formed and quickly made the official state religion. It is also known that their original homeworld of Herpa was destroyed, due to it's corresponding star going supernova some several million years ago. It's new capital and homeworld is Chelsasta. It is also to be noted that the Herpe race is believed to be descended from an ancient empire from the Milky Way galaxy.

The Kingdom of Herpa's National Anthem is an instrumental version of Heil dir im Seigerkranz.

Heil dir im Siegerkranz Deutschen Kaiserhymne Complete Instrumental Version

Heil dir im Siegerkranz Deutschen Kaiserhymne Complete Instrumental Version