The Exilist Order of Perfection's Flag

Sith Empire Imperio Sith (Darth Revan's Age) (*Fictitious State Estado Ficticio, Star Wars)

Sith Empire Imperio Sith (Darth Revan's Age) (*Fictitious State Estado Ficticio, Star Wars)

The Anthem of the Exilist Order of Perfection.

The Exilist Order of Perfection ( also known as the E.O.P, or more commonly at the time as 'The Exilists'), formerly known as the Allied Hive, was a union of empires that worshipped Exilism. They were one of the 3 most powerful empires left after the fall of the A.O.O. They were bitter enemies of the Rycarna Alliance and a war between the two powerful alliances destroyed them all. The Exilists were led by the infamous dictator, Te'Tzaan.


-Exiled Hive ( Leaders)

-Mothrai Empire (Head scientists)

-Rusta Metalous ( Most Powerful Military )

-Grovaton Empire ( Best Workforce )

-O.C.A.J.P ( Joined when war was declared on the Rycarna Alliance )


The T.E.O.P was once known as the Allied Hive, A collection of four insectoid empires that all believed in Exilism. However, a Zorkrio-Homescrid known as Te'Tzaan dominated the Allied Hive and turned it from a hive hierarchy into an iron gripped dictatorship.

In fact, a new radical idea had been introduced to the Allied Hive by Te'Tzaan that communism was a form of

Dictator Te'Tzaan in all his glory.

worship to the Exiled One, and all those who were unworthy to exist must be exterminated, especially empires that worship the Xel'Naga (Hinting at war with the Rycarna Alliance)

The T.E.O.P had tensions between the Rycarna Alliance for a long time. They believed that there could only be one true faith in this omniverse and the Xel'Naga worshippers were not fit to live.

War was finally declared after the members of the T.E.O.P had created DNA machines to survive the war and when the Mothrai Empire found the blueprints to the Shami Wormhole technology. The war lasted for many years, and they eventually died out with the Rycarna.


Military- It is said that the Exilist Military was vast and was one of the largest Militaries in the entire roleplay. however, historians believe that the Exilist military was about the same strength as the Rycarna's.

Economy- The Exilists did not believe in currency. Instead, they used the Communist system of sharing and everyone in every class had the same amount of food, clothing, and shelter ( Except for Te'Tzaan of course, he was living the dream)

Population- The exact amount of citizens the Exilists had was lost to time, however, historians believe it was about the same population of the Rycarna Alliance. This makes it one of the largest alliances in the roleplay ever.

Culture and Religion- The Exilists all worshipped Exilism and The Exiled One. Duh.

Territories- The Exilists controlled the Milky Way and part of the Gula Galaxy Before the war. Historians cannot say how much territory the Exilists had during the war because the borders were constantly changing.

Trivia Edit

  • People may believe that the Rycarna Alliance is like the good guy in that RP Event and The E.O.P is the bad guy. This is not the case; both alliances believed in their own customs and that is what has brought the two alliances to war, NOT a good vs evil thing.
  • The E.O.P Was one of the largest alliances created that worshipped Exilism. Even surpassing the   H-W.O.R.D, considering that only one of their member species was Exilist.