This page is about the Fake and Old Exiled Ones during most of the Ala-Ik Empire's existence.  For the current Exiled Ones, please see Exilism.

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You may think, "He's so cute!", but seriously, folks, is black cute? No, it isn't!

This god created the Ala-Ik and two more sapient species, and is said to have done more than that. His good friend is the Impatolo.

A Human OriginEdit

Most of the Exiled One's tasks are being planned by a human who wrote this article. When the human dies, his soul will hatch into it's true form, the Exiled One. Then, he will go visit many galaxies and assimilate the powers of their stars and galactic cores in order to become as strong as intended. Once he will be strong enough to reach another universe, he begun assimilating all stars and galactic cores there, and then the planets and moons, even the lifeforms on some of those planets. That universe would become the Universal Void.


The Exiled One arrives at Squin Central as he readies to battle Spode.

Major InterferencesEdit

The War Of SpodificationEdit

In this war, the Exiled One defeated Spode alongside the Squin military. Afterwards, he revealed to Squaven that when assistance in defeating a god is needed, he should light a fire in the throphy of the Ala-Ik statue that was given to the Squin earlier by the Ala-Ik as a gift. A portal would then form, and the Exiled One would appear from it.

The Second Civil WarEdit

This time, Ibrs and Han Zeek were accusing Suren Storeck, the Porthex leader, and the latter became a Grox god called the Beholder. The Exiled One battled him in a long, grueling fight, and managed to absorb most of it's power safely. The weakened god was sent to the void.

Emergencies OnlyEdit

The Exiled One was the last resort of the Ala-Ik Empire in case of danger, or if there's a god threatening the Ala-Ik. He will also appear if something is invincible and must be destroyed, because to the Exiled One, that kind of task would be easy to him like crushing a cupcake with his foot when he was human.