Tekoism is a religion mainly focused on the worship of Tekoguu, also known as the All-Knower, as well as keeping his teachings. It was founded when Ezvadi, also known as the Seeker, had dreams and visions of Tekoguu, who told him to gather followers and teach them his ways.

Tekoist Jaylot Holy Empire Flag

The flag of the Tekoist Jaylot Holy Empire, which uses a Tekoist symbol

Beliefs Edit

All beliefs come from the teachings of Tekoguu, which were translated and written down by the Seeker when Tekoguu gave him a magic scroll written in the Forbidden Tongue.

Deities Edit

The primary deity of Tekoism is Tekoguu, who is said to have a wealth of knowledge, especially in magic, hence his secondary name, the All-Knower. Tekoguu himself has also said that other gods do exist, but that "They don't matter much and don't care for their followers anyway." But there are a few exceptions. Many Tekoists also worship The Source, who is said to be a close friend of Tekoguu.

Views Edit

Tekoists value knowledge as one of the most important things to have, especially knowledge of magic. Scientific advancement is very important to them, which is strange for most religions. Tekoists also heavily value life and existence, while they despise death and decay, so Tekoist shamans usually never use skulls or bones for anything, because they are a symbol of something dead. They also believe that all things in the universe, living and non-living, are one and that everything is the same, but changed due to billions of years of interaction (Think of it this way: the atoms in your body once belonged to someone or something else at some point). This is one reason why they value life, because they see every living thing as a distant brother or sister.

Practices Edit

Magic Edit

Magic is very important to Tekoist races who are able to cast magic, though not all can, so magic is not required to be Tekoist. Tekoist magic users use spells taught by Tekoguu himself, or a combination of that and shaman spells. Many of them end up studying magic their entire life and some Tekoist empires may have a special section of their armies for magic users, such as the Tekoist Jaylot Holy Empire.

The Forbidden Tongue Edit

When speaking to Tekoguu in his temple or performing certain rituals, the Seeker will speak in the Forbidden Tongue, a language known only by the highest ranking members of the religion. Nothing is known about it or its origins other than the fact that Tekoguu originally spoke it wherever he came from. In fact, not even universal translators can decipher the language.

Daily Life Edit

Tekoists meditate daily and, though not technically required, usually receive a blessing from a statue of Tekoguu in the morning and just after the sun sets. Said statues are usually very common in in Tekoist empires in order to make it quick and easy to find one for the blessing no matter where they are, but one is technically able to choose to receive it whenever they wish. This is to make it easier when travelling between time zones or planets. Small statues are usually kept in the home, which is especially useful for living in empires that have not declared Tekoism an official religion. Magic users claim the statues "refill" their magic energy and life force when they receive the blessing, therefore the statues are likely filled with magic and life energy.

Rituals Edit

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Tekoist Jaylots performing a religious celebration

Tekoists commonly perform rituals, and magic ones if they can, in their own homes. Very big and important rituals are more specific. They usually take place in areas surrounded by nature and during a certain moon cycle and some may even require multiple moons. Most rituals start off with the drawing of a magic circle, regardless if the follower knows magic or not. Rituals for non-magic users are usually very basic and mostly involve meditation or receiving special blessings from Tekoguu. Magic users, obviously, are able to perform more complex and effective rituals, which usually also count as spells.

Meditation Edit

Meditation is very important for Tekoists not only because it helps their focus and health, but also because it's a very effective method of communication with Tekoguu. Tekoists who meditate are said to enter a trance-like state where their souls can connect to another dimension created by him. It is also said that the souls of deceased Tekoists go to this dimension.

Becoming a Tekoist Edit

New followers of Tekoism are required to take part in a special ritual where they sit on a magic circle and meditate in an attempt to enter and link to Tekoguu's dimension. If they succeed, they are accepted into Tekoism and if not, it is likely because they weren't sincere about becoming a follower. Tekoists are able to sense each other's links to the dimension, so they know exactly who is and isn't a follower.