Tekoguu is the main deity of Tekoism and is responsible for its creation.

Characteristics Edit

He appears only as a completely robed figure with a hood, with only glowing eyes showing for his face. Unlike most gods, he seems to enjoy interacting with the world, evidenced when he himself personally confronted the Dzeerazza Jaylot government, instead of making his followers start a revolution to overthrow them. He also seems to have an obsession with magic and knowledge, which is reflected into Tekoism. He seems to hate it when people question his existence, especially in front of his followers, so he tends to make surprise appearances in front of said people when he's active. If he feels his creations/followers are safe and won't be needing him for a while, he'll usually sleep or wander off to an unknown place for some time.

History Edit

Tekoguu's first known appearance was when he granted magic to the Shaman descendants who would evolve into the Jaylot. He remained on their pantheon for a little while, before being overshadowed once again by the Shaman gods, mainly the God That Will Come. Afterwards, he didn't appear again until 50 million years later, after the Apocalyptic War. After this he guided Ezvadi to create Tekoism and soon after freed The Source from a void the Fake Exiled One had banished him to.

Trivia Edit

  • His origin and age are completely unknown.
  • No one knows what he looks like without his robe and hood.
  • He has apparently been good friends with The Source for a long time.
  • His native language seems to be the Forbidden Tongue, which is considered holy in Tekoism, but no one knows the origins of said language.
  • It seems he was once a rival of Xanea.