The Spodification Leader.

He is, as the name suggests, the leader of the Squin Spodification Group . He is actually Squaven 's brother. During the Tuunk War, he was general of the Squin military, with General Squelop as the second in command. He lead the final battle on the Tuunk homeworld. When he broke into the Tuunk leader's palace, he was converted to Spode by him. There, the Squin Spodification Group began and he escaped with the surviving Tuunks and their leader.


The place where the leader was found.

After the battle, he was thought to be dead and General Squelop became the top general. The Squin Spodification Group soon became the most feared group in the galaxy and even made the Grox nervous. They launched several surprise attacks all over the Squin Empire and the Grox, and word soon got out that there was a leader dictating the rebels. Because of this, the leader had to hide and move from several planets to escape arrest. Finding the leader was the only thing the Squin and Grox worked together to do after their alliance was broken, but they both keep that a secret and deny it. After ordering a large rebellion on Glaxon, he was finally found by the Squin, but was saved by Spode himself, starting the the Squin Civil War, and eventually the War of Spodification. Today, he is assumed to be dead, but some think he is still alive. A possible theory is that he hid with the traitorous Angor Storeck. The recent attack on a zealotic temple on a barren planet led to the discovery of 15 different possible locations. Angor Storeck had diplomatic immunity which could be a further relation to the Spodification leader.