Before Unity

Glaxar Kingom

The Glaxar Kingdom was the first Squin nation to conquer one of the two continents of Glaxon. It was lead by Glaxar Squin, special dark colored Squin who have special powers which are said to have come from Xanea himself. The Glaxar Kingom ruled over the Squin during the Squin medieval era and collapsed into many smaller non-Glaxar kingdoms at the beginning of the Squin renaissance era. These small kingdoms fought for centuries due to disagreements over the post-Glaxar borders.

Squongo Kingdom

The Squongo Kingdom was one of the many kingdoms that fought in the war mentioned above. The war finally ended in the late industrial era, with many, many lives lost. 5 years later, a new king inherited the throne in the kingdom and was dissatisfied with the peace treaty's borders. He ordered the invasion of the kingdom's neighbors, restarting the whole war. This greatly lowered his approval, and gave Squaven, who was then a revolutionary leader, an opportunity to justify overthrowing him. A civil war occured in the kingdom between the monarchist government and Squaven's Communist revolution, with Squaven the victor.

United Soviet Empires of Glaxon

It wasn't long before many other kingdoms had revolutions of their own. Many of them overthrew their monarchs and joined Squaven, forming the United Soviet Empires of Glaxon. The USEG fought many wars with the other monarchist nations, until they finally unified the planet, forming the First Squin Empire and uniting all the Squin under one banner for the first time. This was known as Unity Day.

After Unity

First Squin Empire

After uniting, the Squin turned their attention to conquering the stars. They soon discovered they were actually uplifted by a special monolith by the Onklebedonk Empire. They met other races in the area: the Corgel, the Tuunk, the Oombrala, and possibly more.

Tuunk and Oombrala War

Soon relations soured with the Tuunk, due to their missionaries trying to spread Spode, then more commonly known as Spodism or Spode worship, to the Squin, and the Squin banning it. The Squin soon got into their first war with another alien race, the Tuunk and Oombrala War. The Tuunk wanted to "spodify" the Squin while the Oombrala saw the Squin as a threat due to them both following the Warrior ideology, so they joined on the Tuunk side. The war ended with the complete destruction of the Tuunk and Oombrala empires. The survivors fled and joined up with some Squin who were converted to the way of Spode, forming the Squin Spodification Group.

Expansion and the Grox

The Squin had heard many rumors of the Grox and just had to see this so called "big scary evil empire" themselves. The Squin made contact and decided they wanted such a large and powerful empire as their ally, so they created the Squin-Grox Alliance. The alliance lasted a while and the Squin studied Grox technology closely, likely without the Grox knowing. Unfortunately, the alliance hurt the Squin's reputation in their galaxy and they were even often insulted by their own ally, who thought themselves still superior to the Squin. Squaven, sick of both the insults to his name and the poor reputation, ordered Squald to personally make one of the boldest decisions the Squin have possibly ever made...

The Grox War and the Anti-Grox Alliance

Squald arrived at Grox territory and opened a live transmission with the Grox. He officially ended the Squin-Grox Alliance and declared war on the them, immediately dropping a [Weapons Of Mass Destruction|planet buster] onto the Grox planet below. This shocked both the Grox and the entire galaxy that any empire would even dare to even think of doing such a thing to the Grox. Soon after, the Squin founded the Anti-Grox Alliance (AGA). It received massive support from the galaxy, which now saw the Squin as heroes who would free them from the Grox forever.

The Alliance of Order, the Frostaur War, and the Squin Civil War

Eventually the Squin met the Janus Empire and merged the AGA with the Janus-lead JOOE, creating the Alliance of Order. They joined the Janus in their the war against the Frostaur (who later allied the Grox and became the Mechtaur) and entered a short civil war against the SSG, which the SSG lost. The Squin eventually destroyed the Mechtaur and continued their war against the Grox.

The A.O.O Civil Wars

What began as a zealot Deku Scrub betrayal to the alliance (which was called the First War of Spodification) soon turned into the A.O.O Civil War when the Squin accused the Spine Grox of various things. The Spine Grox formed S.W.O.R.D and allied the zealots, but were defeated and let back into the alliance. Soon after, the Squin became dissatisfied with the result of the war and attacked again, but the conflict didn't get very far, and it ended with the return of the Spine Grox into the alliance once more.

The Second War of Spodification

While Squaven II was under training to become the next dictator of the Squin, the Mokodoks, a Spode worshipping race from another galaxy, blockaded the Andromeda galaxy, causing high tensions between them and the A.O.O. When Squaven II became the new dictator, he ordered his fleet to attack the blockade, which started the Second War of Spodification, which was the bloodiest war the Squin and the A.O.O had gone through yet. The A.O.O was nearly defeated: at the peak of the war for the Mokodoks, they occupied the entire Janus Empire and one fourth of the Squin Empire. The Squin managed to completely drive them out of Andromeda after suffering huge losses, while the Ala-Ik and Spine Grox liberated the Janus. The Squin then launched an all out invasion of the Mokodok Empire, bombing their capital city in the process. The Mokodok Empire soon collapsed and the A.O.O was victorious. But the celebration didn't last long, as the SSG was unhappy another chance to convert the Squin to Spode worship had failed...

The Destruction of Andromeda

The Squin Spodification Group began to think the Squin Empire would never be converted to Spode after they won yet another war against a major zealot faction (the Mokodoks). They saw the Squin as the greatest threat to their religion, as the Mokodoks got conquered by a coexistant non-zealot government after they lost to the Squin. So the SSG decided it would remove the Squin once and for all - via galaxy buster. The SSG set it off in Andromeda's core, causing a chain reaction that destroyed the entire galaxy. Luckily, Squin intelligence was already aware of the possibility of the bomb existing, and plans were made before in case it was set off. Glaxon was loaded onto an Omnistar, along with the government and as many Squin as possible. They barely managed to escape and settled in the Andromeda II galaxy, which had been one of Andromeda's satellites.

Second Squin Empire

After they resettled in Andromeda II, the Squin began rebuilding their empire, which was named the Second Squin Empire. The Squin, the Harco, the Aurots and the Jaylots managed to recreate decent sized empires, but the rest of the A.O.O members of the Andromeda galaxy had trouble with rebuilding, and they remained small and weak, never to have any real significance again.

The Mushroom War

Soon after rebuilding, a mysterious infection started to spread across the galaxy. Infected people became purple and sprouted mushrooms from their heads. They became hostile and began attacking and infecting everyone else, soon taking over entire planets. The A.O.O found out this was the work of the Mushroom Pikmin, who believed the infection was the next stage of evolution for all living things and regarded it as enlightenment. The A.O.O was unable to attack the infected planet due to some kind of ship-jamming devices, but these were eventually hacked and became obsolete. The cure to the infection was eventually discovered, but not before Glaxon and Squaven II himself were infected. The A.O.O quickly began using the cure to save the infected members, and eventually performed a joint assault on the Mushroom Pikmin homeworld, which caused the Mushroom Pikmin to surrender. The terms of surrender were that the Mushroom Pikmin ceded half their empire to the A.O.O, and that their leader was to be killed.

The Second Squin Civil War

This war had different outcomes varying with universes. In the Fake Omniverse, the Squin underwent a civil war between 4 factions (The Communist government, the SSG, the SDG (Squin Democracy Group) and the SMG (Squin Monarchy Group). Many empires took advantage of the Squin Empire's weakness and the A.O.O collapsed. After a very bloody war, the Squin government managed to pull itself together thanks to the help of its allies, especially the Shami, and won the war. Afterwards, Xanea announced plans to begin a Squin invasion of the Omniverse - every universe that ever existed. And they did. But unknowingly to all at the time, this turned out to be an alternate universe, not an Omniverse. When the Real Universe was discovered, Xanea traveled there and found that everything there was the same as in the Fake "Omniverse", but just before the Second Squin Civil War occured. Xanea assimilated his alternate self there, and personally crushed the Squin rebellions before they could weaken the Squin to the point where the Inter-Galactic War could occur. Seeing he already succeeded with the Fake Omniverse Squin, he decided to stay with the Real Universe Squin, but never lead them to conquer it completely, likely due to fears of other gods interfering.

The Third Squin Civil War

Squaven, no longer old and aging due to advanced technology, grew jealous of his son's popularity and power. He attempted to kill him with no success, which then started a civil war between the supporters of the two. It eventually ended in Squaven's defeat and execution. Squaven II had secretly wanted to get rid of his father's Communist government for some time after hearing the reasoning of the SMG from the Second Squin Civil War, so with no one around to stop him anymore, he did. He reformed the empire into the Third Squin Empire and crowned himself king.

Third Squin Empire

Most Squin disliked the change and still supported Communism. It wasn't long until yet another conflict broke out...

The Fourth Squin Civil War

The Communists rose up and rebelled against the monarchy. By this time the AOO had already split into three factions, one of which was Communist, which gladly assisted the rebels. Thanks to this support as well as the rebels stealing the Glaxescon super-mech, the Communists were victorious.

Fourth Squin Empire

After the Communists won their war, they proclaimed the Fourth Squin Empire and joined the Exilist Order of Perfection.

The Apocalyptic War

It wasn't long before the EOP went to war with the Rycarna Alliance, which destroyed them all, ending the Fourth Squin Empire. During the war, Xanea managed to save some parts of the empire, as well as Glaxon and Squaven II by placing them in his personal pocket dimension. He also revived Squaven I and forced him and his son to work together against a growing threat, the Glaxar Squin. The Glaxar Squin had been in hiding ever since their first kingdom collapsed during the Squin middle ages. Seeing that the major empires were creating special pods to save the DNA of their races to later revive them 50 million years after the war, they decided it was a perfect chance to revive their nation. They found Squaven II's son, Squaven III and convinced him to join them in and in return he gained their special abilities and became their leader. They then traveled 50 million years into the future to take over the Squin that would emerge from the pod used to preserve their species. Meanwhile, Xanea allowed Squaven and Squaven II to rebuild their empires to prepare for war against the Glaxar once they arrived in the future.

After Re-emerging

Glaxar Squin Empire

The Glaxar arrived in the future and quickly took over the Squin that emerged from the pods, creating the Glaxar Squin Empire. The empire saw rapid economic growth, expansion and scientific advances, but mercilessly conquered any and all nearby empires, enslaving or exterminating their entire populations. They soon ran into the Harco, which had emerged from their own pod. The Harco quickly recognized their strength and prosperity and allied them. Not long after, the Glaxar also met the Jaylot Empire, which had emerged from their pod around the same time as the Squin, so it by then had a large and respectable defense force capable of defending itself from the Glaxar - for a little while.

The Glaxar War

The Glaxar, in their thirst for conquest and dominance, invaded the Jaylot Empire. Fortunately, they held out in time for Xanea to place Squaven and Squaven II's new empire into the galaxy, which temporarily allied the Jaylots in their war against the Glaxar. At the end of the war, the two empires jointly invaded New Glaxon and forced the Glaxar to surrender. Soon after, they made a shocking discovery: the Glaxar scientists had been working on a superweapon unlike any before. The weapon was a quantum bomb, a very frightening weapon that triggers a blackhole when detonated, which sucks in all nearby matter, then ejects it into a very large supernova that destroys everything within 25 parsecs. Of course, both the Squin and the Jaylots took these weapons for themselves.

Fifth Squin Empire

Despite their past differences, Squaven and Squaven II were forced by Xanea to work together. After winning the war and forcing the Glaxars' former Harco ally to accept Communism, they proclaimed the Fifth Squin Empire.

The Squin-Jaylot Cold War

The friendship between the Squin and the Jaylots didn't last long after the war. They both mistrusted each other due to their differing politics (The Jaylot Empire was monarchist while the Squin Empire was Communist) and they soon began to make threats, starting the Squin-Jaylot Cold War. They both pointed their threatening quantum bombs at each other.

The Quantum War

Soon, the day everyone feared came. The Quantum War started when a Jaylot quantum bomb mysteriously went off and the Jaylots mistook it for a Squin attack. They both launched their bombs at each other, quickly destroying both their empires. Squaven and Squaven II died via blackhole, but Squald was only killed in combat. A pod filled with the DNA of genetically modified Squin was launched to the Andromeda III galaxy, while the surviving Jaylots fled to the same galaxy, where they then adopted a Dzeerazza style government, abandoning shamanism.

Squin Hive

The genetically modified Squin emerged from their pod on a mysterious copy of Glaxon that was placed there by Xanea. After a quick tribal and civilization stage, one of the Squin kingdoms conquered the planet but was couped by a mysterious "copy" of Squaven who seized power, founded the Squin Hive, and somehow managed to brainwash the entire population. The Hive began rapid advances in technology and quickly expanded throughout the Andromeda III galaxy, exterminating all races in their path. They recently announced they intend to someday rule the universe.