(Not to be confused with the Squin Empire, the space empire of the Squin.)

The Squin are a very intelligent race, far beyond what humans could even imagine. Their home planet is Glaxon, named after a very sturdy and heavy metal found on it called Glaxonium. They founded the Alliance of Order.

Cell StageEdit


A Squin in the creature stage.

During the cell stage, the Squin were just average, nothing special unicellular organisms. They were carnivores and ate other cells to survive. During the late period of this stage, they discovered the Scobe creatures, squid-like carnivores. For some reason, their natural instincts told them to cooperate with each other instead of hunt each other, despite them both being carnivorous predators.

Creature StageEdit

Scobes eventually discovered land and lead the Squin there. The Squin evolved legs while the Scobes remained the same. They hunted together and eventually a monolith was placed on the planet by an ecologist empire called the Onklebedonk Empire. This special monolith did not make the Squin evolve faster, instead it made them much smarter in the space stage. Eventually, the Squin began building tools and huts.

Tribal StageEdit

Squin (1)

A Squin in the tribal stage.

The Scobes were now pets to the Squin, and the Squin were vicious, destroying every other tribe founded on the planet. After barely surviving the Glaxon ice age, the Squin began civilization.

Civilization StageEdit

Squin (2)

A Squin in the civilization stage.

The Squin began building vehicles, buildings, and cities. Other Squin tribes on the planet formed into different nations, and soon ended up in a global war. The Squin nation introduced aircraft (no other nation had even thought of building flying vehicles) and won. The Squin decided to explore the stars using their new spaceship, the Firebon.

Space StageEdit

The Squin history of space is very long, and is included on the Squin Empire page.