The Spine Grox were a race of Grox who, after being defeated by an unknown empire in the Black Eye Galaxy and fleeing to various locations in the galaxy, had been isolated for millions of years from the original Grox, becoming a different species altogether in a galaxy where there suddenly were several different races descended from Grox, including one that became that galaxy's territorial replacement of the original Grox since their eradication from the area, but since went extinct anyway due to the inevitable arrival of the Quee.

Recovered InformationEdit

The following has been recovered from a Spine Grox database captured during war. As one can see, the data has been heavily corrupted.

Spine grox

A Spine Grox.

The spine grox are a powerfull empire of lizard like cretures thare life span is 859999 years thay have unknown empires cuse its a big empire. Thay have a leader named lord spine grox he is a lord of the spine grox and his brother scar thay have won many wars like the shawgle war and the jarzo war and lots others. The spine grox are like preadators thay keep other empire head as trophys from the ones thay killd thay plan on recome to aoo in 2013 the squin are thre best freinds but are not aoo for now. The spine grox have been on a plan to get the core and do a share with the squin the grox have no power with the spine grox. sence the spine grox are stronger then theam the spine grox captin is christian he has big wepons lord spine grox number 1 captin and he has a crew of young blood! that need training the planet has a charming beach that thay like it has very good service and can be a cozy place. When the huts and tvs are on thay have many enamys on thre hunting list like the zelots,diplomats,wandears thay have a good sense of friend or foe! thay will soon domonate the aromox arm. thay have been in aoo cival war one and to but stop theam very fast and have a lot of powerfull wepons and have also grab stuff from thre dead enamys.

spine grox territoryEdit

Spore 2012-04-08 19-59-43

a pic of the spine grox place

hre is a pic of it its huge when your scooll forword!

Spine grox home world planet groxEdit

Spore 2012-04-08 20-00-11

ok a photo of it!

The land of the spine grox, the spine grox call it planet grox others call it spinetopia.