One of the many flags of the Space Pirate crews

Space Piracy is one of the oldest types of crime in the AOO universe. It is an act of robbery or criminal violence in space. The term can include acts commited on Land, Sea, or Air. The term has been used throughout the roleplay to refer to raids across an empire's territories by independent groups. Those who engage in acts of Space Piracy are known as Space Pirates. Historically, Space Pirates have been apprehended by the raided empire's military forces and the penalty can vary from many years in imprisonment to even execution.

Role in the RoleplayEdit

In the RP, Space Pirates are generally used as an annoying enemy. They raid trade routes, rob the wealthiest merchants, and put your empire at a disadvantage. It is generally advised to hunt down these criminals and bring them to justice before they become too powerful.

Significant Space Pirate EventsEdit

Spore Bucks

The almighty Spore buck. Chased after by Economic empires, Greedy merchants, and Space pirates everywhere!

This is a list of periods that have had Space Pirates involved in a major way.  Feel free to add to the list.

  • Golden Age of Space Piracy The Golden Age of Space Piracy was a time of wealth and power for the Space Pirates. For others however, it was a time of anarchy and economic collapse. It happened right after the A.O.O collapsed, the security of trade routes had faltered  and the pirates saw this as a prime oppurtunity to strike. They took control over the spice trade and while others crumbled, they rose in wealth and power. It expanded across many galaxies until it finally ended when new empires finally regained control, this however took a fairly long amount of time.
  • The Apocalyptic War At the end of the Apocalyptic War, the United Fleet of Space Pirates attacked and destroyed many empires. The empires that were mainly engaged in the war were saved, however, due to the DNA machines told to be built by the Final Swarm.
  • The Forgotten War Created right after the Apocalyptic War, this war ended when Xenros Mercenaries banded together with help from the Thyna to stop the war.
  • Bronze Age of Space Piracy Once spread out as far and wide as the range of the Forgotten War, but soon encompassing the universe, the Bronze age of Space Piracy was born after the Genesis Alliance fell. The Pirates once more took advantage of the remains of civilizations destroyed during this massive conflict. It mainly happened in the Milky way galaxy, as most Space Pirate crews had hideouts there. Though it's final three dozen million years were not as great as the Golden age, it was as it's peak and peak of all scavenging eras right after the war, and created many problems within the empires that were made possible by the Genesis Alliance's watchful gaze of the universe.  During the final three dozen million years of it's duration, the Quee Empire came into power, and destroyed several great empires, giving a lot for the pirates to scavenge. It finally ended after about 50 million years when the DNA machines activated and brought in a massive amount of powerful empires. This forced the Space Pirates, who flocked to the Milky Way in hopes of Exilist treasures far more valuable than even what was found at the beginning of the age, to withdraw from the wealth filled galactic center, and move towards the bare outer rim of the milky way...

Significant Space Pirate CrewsEdit

Kataur Pirate

An example of a Space Pirate in the KCP

This is a list of major space pirate crews that have involved in the RP in a major way. If any are missed, feel free to add to the list.

Kataur Confederacy of Pirates (KCP) Once main pirate group in the Milky Way's outer rim, they have since gone into hiding after their territories were taken. They were the descendants of the Frostaur Empire; the Janus Empire's greatest enemy.

  • United Fleet of Space Pirates An alliance of many Space pirate clans that helped start the Apocalyptic War.
  • Xenros Mercenaries Several groups of Xenros not corresponding to any empire.  They all came together thanks to the Thyna Empire towards the end of the Forgotten War to conclude said war.
  • Qriina Dynasty A universe-wide group of space pirates of the Langstromian species lead by a brood mother-like queen.  When they existed, they accounted for 95% of all pirates and inhabited the waters of almost all planets with liquid water on the surface.