Red Faction

The Flag of S.W.O.R.D

 S.W.O.R.D. ( Spine Warriors Of Raging Destruction) was an alliance created by the Spine Grox and the Janus.They both broke away from the A.O.O. because the Squin mistrusted the Spine Grox and kicked them out of the A.O.O.The Janus thought of this as unfair and they mysteriously mutated into the Spine Janus. This turn of events would later cause the first A.O.O civil war.

Empires That Were In S.W.O.R.D. During The First A.O.O Civil WarEdit

-Spine Janus
Spine grox

A Spine Grox.

-Spine Grox

-Spine Jaylot



-Spode and the Zealots -All Former J.O.O.E. Members

S.W.O.R.D.'s HistoryEdit

During the beggining of the Civil War, S.W.O.R.D. had a large advantage. They allied all of the A.O.O.'s Main enemies (which were many) and attacked many of the Alliances's planets at once. The tide turned however, when an Aurot spy breached a Spine grox base and stole the coordinates to the Spine Grox homeworld.Two major things happened after this: The first being that Spode summoned the 4 guardians of Death, 4 monstrous creatures that appeared too be demigods, and second, the Janus revealed their "spine" mutations were holographic disguises. They then betrayed the Spine grox.The Janus and the rest of the former J.O.O.E. members (except for the Nigonokoo) returned to the A.O.O. and this greatly weakened S.W.O.R.D. Not long after the "incident", The A.O.O. invaded the Spine Grox homeworld and defeated Spode,his followers,the guardians, and Lord Spine Grox, and somewhere along the lines, the Skorpak Empire was destroyed.  Thus came the end of S.W.O.R.D.

The Octagon AllianceEdit

When the Ala-Ik Empire was kicked out of the Alliance Of Order for starting an unnessecary war against the RP's physical manifestation of 10spi0's creations, they took their allies with them to the S.W.O.R.D, which then had only two members left: the Nightrai and the Nigonokoo.  The Ala-Ik Empire took control and became the leaders.  They renamed the alliance, but the new name has been lost to time.  However, it is now referred to as the Octagon Alliance, and the leader of the alliance was a council of the leaders of the species in the alliance, called the Octagon.  In the fake Omniverse, they also inducted two other members: the Squin monarchy and a shadow Weavile from another part of the Omniverse, and the Octagon Alliance would soon fall to the Alliance Of Order, yet being saved from them by the Exiled One along with the Janus Empire and some others, only for the Dobolorean Shield to later on destroy the A.O.O.  In the real Omniverse, the Octagon Alliance got destroyed in the Great Sacrifice.

The Octagon Alliance's LegacyEdit

In the fake Omniverse, after the Dobolorean Shield defeated the Alliance Of Order, the Exiled One reunited the part of the Omniverse that he seperated to preserve some species, like every empire in the Octagon Alliance, which had defeated all threats in it's part of the Omniverse by then.  Almost instantly, the New Spodum Empire, which was restored by a few survivors after the Mumbleflubbies and the Dobolorean Shield all but destroyed the Spodum Empire, but was still quite powerful, attacked and destroyed most members of the Octagon Alliance due to their military aid to the Doboloreans in their war effort against the Spods, but not before converting the Chen Empire to Spodumism, and only spared the Ala-Ik Empire because they were the last to be attacked, and they tried to make peace then.  It was successful, after which the Spods became the Spodumist-Exilist Empire, and soon after, an Ala-Ik revolutionary from the Dobolorean Empire made his empire Spodumist-Exilist as well, and while the latter happened, a Gleyh-Boh-Iit rebel group formed a new empire, which became Spodumist-Exilist from pressure from the Mokodoks.  The three Spodumist-Exilist empires formed the Greater Spodumist-Exilist Empire, successor of the Octagon Alliance and non-joining allies with the Ala-Ik Empire and the Janus Empire.


SWORD anthem (Banned by the Squin Government):