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The worst nightmare of any Ala-Ik enemy.

It was the biggest mech of the Ala-Ik Army and it's invincibility was a good reason on why there's only one of these.


It's looks are based on those of an Ala-Ik. A forcefield that disintegrates what touches it is emanated from the eyes and are recycled towards the eyes from holes at the bottom. At the same time, the forcefield separates the mech from the ground, allowing it to levitate. Due to it's invulnerability to all, many useful Ala-Ik supercomputers are located inside.


Pirphuie was only a last resort, and is one that wasn't in the form of a god. However, it was used during an invasion on a Grox planet with the A.O.O when it was the Anti-Grox Alliance and as the undefeatable end of an invasion of a small mining colony of mostly mechs.

Not Out There AnymoreEdit

Following the Great Sacrifice, Pirphuie was immune to assimilation because it's forcefields kept disintegrating the luminous strands of assimilative energy touching it.  It drifted in space with countless Ala-Ik souls inside, using the souls as a power source.  When it crashlanded on a planet, only a few hundred remained.  Those that discovered it removed the database in which the souls were in, along with a massive amount of ancient information, and the body was converted into a more powerful and partly organic mech.  The finders then went to a special and abandonned decryption console to decode the data on it, and discovered the consciousnesses, and enough DNA to clone some, with some bodies to spare.  These new Ala-Ik, revealing themselves as the Hellspino, then went to the Cybertronion Empire along with their database for the good of knowledge.