The Orcelio Shogunate


Single-Party Dzeerazza State



Head Of State

Weru Tatsugame

Past Heads Of State


Ruling Party

Orcelio National Party






Dzzitian, Squin Hive


~50 Years

The Orcelio are a race of tall, reptilian humanoids created by Shintuui, the Shaman god of death.  They are often known for the Japanese stereotypes, stronger in some than in others, which Shintuui infused them with as part of a failed plan to bring back the Shaman Kingdom.  Having had many different governments in the past century, their current nation is the Orcelio Shogunate, a nationalist Dzeerazza state that has gradually adopted more socialist policies in an effort to distance themselves from the Dzzitians, but with war threatening their very existence, they were forced to rely on Ala-Ik military assistance.


The Reasons Behind Their CreationEdit

Shintuui, (Then known by a different, currently unknown name.) as the Shaman god of death, was not considered any worse than the other Shaman gods, and was a part of the pantheon without anyone having apprehension against such a diety.  However, despite it's qualities as a representation of a concept of destruction, it still was as affected by the collapse of the Shaman Kingdom as it's fellow Shaman gods, and would also mourn the loss of their kingdom to the Grox.  However, while the other Shaman gods went their separate ways, Shintuui remained where it was, in the spirit world, where most intelligent electrically-based intelligences, and therefore most sapient life as it can be understood, are preserved for eternity, simply existing without reward or punishment.  However, despite having authority over all of the dead spirits in the universe that were not bound to any other god, it still yearned for a return to the ways of the golden age of the Shamans, when they had a legitimate kingdom in the physical world.  Knowing that there were still Shaman states out there, it knew that for the Shaman Kingdom to arise again, these had to be united.  This had been attempted before when it created the Narakilon, a highly advanced society that became widespread across the universe for millions of years, but still long after the Shamans first fell, yet the Narakilon themselves had fallen to civil war when the God Who Will Come interfered to punish Shintuui for what was perceived as a perversion aganst the harmony of the universe and the Shamanic way, in a conflict that ultimately created Amon and set the stage for the development of at least two descendant races, and in one or more timelines of the Shattered Universe, created the Amioun and the Zeata.  Shintuui wanted to ensure that the other Shaman gods wouldn't interfere this time, and so decided to passively oversee the development of it's next creations.

And so, the god of the dead once again created life.  It chose as the site of it's new work a planet bearing predominantly blue vegetation and waters purple with sodium violetite, which it named Nisshoku in honor of a solar eclipse that had occurred on Shintuui's arrival, anchoring the natural phenomenon into the future race's mythology as a prominent symbol of good fortune and supernatural favor. This race would become reptilian, and their minds were hard-wired with strong Japanese influences, including notions of honor and even the Japanese language.  This was all during a time when the Earth became immensely influential to the vast reaches of the universe, and even to gods, such as Shintuui.  The reason for this was because of the planet's current and third sapient race, the Humans, developing there at the time, and it was widely, almost universally anticipated that they would follow in the expansive and destructive footsteps of their planetary predecessors, including the Grox.  Even despite the Shaman Kingdom's fall to them, Shintuui felt that it would be a symbolic gesture to bring back the Shamans by letting them lay waste to the legacy of their destroyers.  And so, it was intended for the Orcelio to one day conquer the enemies of the Shamans in the image of an aggresive culture from Earth expanding in the guise of a ruthless militarist state, and then for Shintuui to subtly encourage the Shaman empires to rise up against them.  That way, when the other gods would come to interfere, Shintuui's plan would fulfill itself, as that would strengthen their cause, and further their union.

The Warring StatesEdit

Much like in actual Japan on Earth, Shintuui let the Orcelio race spread across their world of closely-bound continents, then watched as they divided themselves into thousands of tribe-states.  During this period spanning well over a thousand years, it let them fight one another for regional, then global dominance, giving slight technological advances to the factions that it favored until only a few hundred remained, at which point it advanced it's absolute preferred tribe-state and gave it the knowledge of the concept of factories and of the means to build and employ them.  This tribe-state would go on to conquer the others and form a unified Orcelio empire that would continue to advance technologically for hundreds of years, but near the end of this time, Shintuui's plans were discovered by the God That Will Come, and it was confined to the spirit world for plotting once again to bring chaos to the universe in the name of the Shamans.  The Shaman gods decided to abandon the Orcelio, but would continue to watch over them to ensure that none would try to free Shintuui.

The Communist RevolutionEdit

Like many planet-states before them, having developed long-distance telecommunications, the Orcelio were able to listen in to the cosmos and learn of the goings-on in their home galaxy, the Andromeda II Galaxy.  They were able to decipher many of these, but the most influential of them were the transmissions of the Squin Empire and the fledgling Democratic Aurot's Republic.  The socialist currents of thought rapidly became popular among the Orcelio, and a planetary-scale revolution occurred in quick order, overthrowing the emperor and installing a Squin-style socialist system that gave supreme power to the dictator, then to the advisor, assuming leadership when the former dies.  Under this new regime, and guided by their knowledge of their alien benefactors, they quickly advanced to take their place in the stars and expand their empire on other planets.

They then discovered the alien race that was closest to them, the Eurath.  Divided by civil war, Dictator Hitori decided to try and peacefully annex their many factions under their rule, but they had initially refused.  It was also discovered that their civil war immediately followed a revolution against a Communist government, furthering the incentive to try and take over them, but despite this, the Orcelio would never succeed in doing this.  The Orcelio Empire later joined the Exilist Order Of Perfection's side during the Apocalyptic War, dooming them to extinction if it weren't for the preservation of their species with the time capsules, and of Hitori's advisor, Moto, to lead them.

In this future 50 million years after the first peak of their race, the Orcelio would continue to see revolution after revolution, adopting various Zealotic, Exilist, Communist and Dzeerazza governments throughout this time.