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Oralassa'nai Planetary Leader

Planetary leader of Aethius' moon, Rellis.

The Oralassa'nai are a passionate, but vicious and intelligent race of fearsome semi-aquatic reptiles. The homeworld of this species is called Aethius, a lush, tropical planet with a population of over 14 billion.

Cell StageEdit

This period of time is quite unknown to the Oralassa'nai and there have been many debates over what it was like. Some theories suggest that they never had a cell stage and that they were a mutatation of a creature similar to them.

Creature StageEdit

During the creature stage, the Oralassa'nai were thought to be the most vicious and bloodthirsty creatures on the planet. They would often raid nests and extinct creatures for the fun of it. In fact, they were able to wipe out 9.1% of life on their planet during this stage of evolution. They weren't always cruel, however--they were very curious and could display various amounts of emotion for their own kind. If a pack member died, Oralassa'nai would often sit vigil and grieve over the loss of their kin.

Tribal StageEdit

Oralasaa'nai (2)
Tribal stage was one of the most violent times of the Oralassoan history. Larger tribes would decimate smaller ones, and there was constant fighting over territory. Eventually, after centuries of murder and bloodshed, the last tribe left was the Aethiuan Tribe--a massive group of stealthy Oralassa'nai that were absolutely barbaric. It wasn't until one thousand years later that they stopped their barbaric ways and were taught Ashkyathism, where they became at one with nature and cherished all life.

Civilization StageEdit

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After gaining loads of intelligence, the Oralassa'nai seperated into different territories all around the planet--all of them afraid of eachother. The biggest nation, however, was not afraid, and they slowly took over the other lands. The population had a massive boom during this time and it allowed the army of the Oralassa'nai to become huge. Centuries after they took over the entire planet, they were able to build their very first spacecraft--the Valkyrie.

Space StageEdit

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