Malai-Nu (5)


A theocracy.  A humanoid cellular race created by Sharanoir while he was trapped within Tekoguu's pocket dimension for 500 million years. Rather than having brains, they have complex nuclei.  The Malai-Nu have a strong reliance on water and are incapable of surviving long periods of time without moisture.

History Edit

The Malai-Nu were created by Sharanoir within Tekoguu's pocket dimension out of boredom, where they fought amongst other races created by their god to test their worth and durability. Coming out on top, they began to rapidly advance with their new leader at the head of society; The enlightened Sovereign. The Malai-Nu and their homeworld of Shara appeared in the Maffei 2 Galaxy once Sharanoir had broken out of the pocket dimension he had been trapped in, finally releasing them out into the galaxy where they first encountered the Jaylot and Xenros Alpha.