The Lush are a very ancient species living in the universe, DNA evidence provides information that they have been around approximately 4.1 billion years after the beginning of time. However, presently known recorded historical remarks of the Lush stretches only to about 2.4 billion years after the emergence of the beings. Scientists from nearly all fields claim that this "missing gap" contains vital information of not only how the Lush came into being, but could potentially explain the existence of life. While the majority of their history unknown, the other part of it is certainly unkind to them. They frequently faced mass extinction of specimens through natural disasters, genocide and devastating incidents.

Anatomy Edit

Structure Edit

Baring similar visual features of a rabbit from Earth. The apparent differences that the Lush have are two pairs of ears and four pairs of eyes. The Lush body is extremely adaptable to withstand many forms of gravity and conditions. They're made light and nimble, but strong to reduce inertia for low, moon-like gravity environments, granting them more physical control to spite being nearly weightless. Lush are coated with silky, soft, heat-conserving, fur-like spines that secrete thermic acid (which is produced in the bone marrow) to warm the body from temperatures as low as -250°C as well they can live easily in temperatures as high as 26°C.

Significant Abilities Edit

The Lush have a low body temperature scoring 21°C overall. The only heat they produce is thermic acid travelling through their blood system and through channels leading to the glands in their spinal fur. Therefore, they have a tremendous defense against extreme cold conditions. The Lush body still has a respiratory system when there times where infrared radiation is absent, but oxygen is. The cells of a Lush are compact with mitochondria and a complex radiation-to-nutrient system, the cell has plasma membranes that reduce the ionizing process of the outer layer and radiation channels but in some cases could also be subjected overexposure if the cell is infected with a virus. Nonetheless, this system gives the Lush the ability to survive unprotected in space.

Fallbacks Edit

Prior to the Lush body having phenomenal adaption abilities, they trade off healing and recovery for this feature. Unbroken bones are a huge priority for a Lush to simply live. For a major bone to be broken