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The Kungoz are formally a trader Empire that reside in the Fried Egg Galaxy. Their territory is abundant with numerous resources ranging from spices to rare metals. The current ruling entity of the Kungoz is the Kungoz Zeeaist Republic (KZR).


Prior to the space stage, the Kungoz were unofficially a dzeerazza planet-state residing on the Kungoz home planet, Kanshutu. It is not currently known how Dzeerazza was known of then, as the ideology had only been recently rediscovered at the time.

Space StageEdit

Early Dzeerazza RuleEdit

In the early space stage, the Kungoz rapidly colonized to its' present-day territories thanks in part to imported cruiser designs from their ally, the Dzzitians. The economy, while rather crude and inferior to modern day standards, was expanding rapidly. The government was healthy and was very high in approval ratings by its' citizens.

Corrupt DictatorshipEdit

Early YearsEdit

Under show elections, a Dzeerazza named Ontubu Kertuzu was appointed leader of the Kungoz Dzeerazza Empire, at a time where the Kungoz Empire was at its' most prosperous. There, his first sign of corruption was the establishment of his version of Dzeerazza: Conservative Dzeerazza, where industries were to be privatized in order to gain a better profit as well as convert the Economy from a mixed to a capitalistic economy with all in mind of increasing profits. The idea was in complete contrast to the state-owned spice industries as well as the mixed-economy not to mention shock therapy was utilized to enforce conservative Dzeerazza. Within 10 years, the industries were privatized, citizens were forced to fend for themselves with rising prices on goods, and small shantytowns were opening up in colonies, but the economy was growing at a much slower pace than before and the Kungoz was somewhat prosperous.

Structural Decay & RebellionEdit

Soon enough, a rare pulse from the active galactic core of the Fried Egg Galaxy has caused freak earthquakes through out the planets of the galaxy. The Kungoz were badly affected by it. The colonial infrastructure fell apart rapidly & the economy shattered. The Kertuzu regime never recovered from the pulse as it was too corrupt to even take action. For the next 40 years, the Kungoz Dzeerazza Empire saw itself failing economically and politically: 90% of the population was in poverty while the 10% (whom consist of the Dzeerazza party and the individuals who own the private businesses), the economy was in shambles, and the military (whose pay is overdue) resorts to preying on the citizens, where Kertuzu stated, “Who needs money when you are provided weapons to control the Empire?” As poverty grew with no signs of slowing down, the population grew exasperated with the inherent corruptness of the Kertuzu regime & its’ failures for even solving how to sufficiently run the country. The spark for rebellion initiated when a disgruntled general named Karbano Sutantoz organized the population and military to overthrow the regional governors in the Kungoz-Bruntos border and marched to Kanshutu. Resistance against Sutantoz’ rebellion was scattered, if not nonexistent as government troops spontaneously joined the rebellion. As the rebellion took to the streets of Kanshutu, Kertuzu attempted to flee the KDE only to be brutally murdered by Sutantoz’ men.

Civil WarEdit

Galactic Change Part 7

Considered to be the most bloodiest conflict in the Fried Egg Galaxy,some 13 Billion lives perished in the Kungoz Civil War.

The Kungoz Civil War immediately began when Kungoz dzeerazza forces, aided by the NDE, begun a coup attempt against the new Sutantoz government. The coup succeeded in a way that it failed: Dzeerazza forces has seized government institutions & major city areas but failed to flush out Sutantoz’ Forces, now calling themselves the People’s Republic of the Kungoz (PRK). The civil war completely crippled the Kungoz Empire, if it wasn’t crippled already by 50 years of corrupt dictatorship and a rebellion. Both sides gained control of major sections of the Empire (Dzeerazza forces took complete control of Kanshutu & Uguoku while the PRK captured Brezzugoz & large sums of the Bruntos-Kungoz border), but failed to even attempt to end the grinding poverty, the rise of space piracy within the Kungoz Empire, and the growing influence of the zealot faction, the Kungoz Zeeaist Party (KZP). In the end, the top leaders of the Dzeerazza government were assassinated by their very citizens, the KZP emerged victorious against the fractured Kungoz government, and the PRK seceded from the Kungoz Empire and established its’ own state.

Zealot RuleEdit

Rule of AvekbeEdit

Under the 5-year leadership of the KZP leader, Kontuk Avekbe, corruption was flushed out of the government (and imprisoned), colonies were rapidly repaired, and industries were nationalized. Zealotic belief was established as the official religion of the newly proclaimed KZR, although other religious beliefs were tolerated due to Avekbe‘s secular leanings.
Kanshutu (1)

Kanshutu, capital and home planet of the Kungoz, was rapidly rebuilt during Avekbe's Rule.

Living standards of the citizens grew rapidly as they took up homes in newly built apartments, goods were distributed at lower prices, and basic necessities (electricity, gas, and water) were finally distributed. But the state of the KZR was rather low in standards (comparable to that of the Shamasty) as intergalactic empires haven’t reopened trade with the Kungoz, expecting Avekbe to be either ratted out by NDE troops due to zealotic policies or overthrown by the PRK. Yet both situations never happened as the last year of Avekbe’s rule saw trade within the Fried Egg galaxy reopened and supplies from the Dzeerazza states coming in, but at much smaller amounts due to suspicions of Avekbe’s policies.

Rule of DzettraumEdit

Once Avekbe handed the presidency to his security commander, Kaduz Dzettraum, Kungoz society changed radically. The last few shantytowns were cleared, with every citizen living in an apartment. Spice & Material production was at its’ highest for the first time in the Kungoz’ existence. Avekbe’s secular policies were removed from society, with non-zealotic beliefs became harassed, imprisoned to Oprintsgyi detention centers to be tortured or sold to slavery. The Kungoz army grew to massive proportions. The KZP was under the complete control of Dzettraum, his 3 sons, and his closest associates, thus turning the KZR into an authoritarian state. Zealotic politics was placed hand in hand with Dzeerazza politics (thus establishing Dzettraumic Dzeerazza).

Kungoz TodayEdit


Under a recent census, the Kungoz polulation numbered to about 347 billion.


The KZR relies on a state-run economy to sustain its' rather large economy. It comes with positives, in which spice and material production is the largest in the Fried Egg Galaxy as well as large trade networks with all empires in the Fried Egg galaxy as well as Dzeerazza Empires. The drawbacks are small-scale corruption & the economic planning being uneven, especially under Dzettraum's rule.


The Kungoz, under the constitution, are a zeeaist and a dzeerazza state under the presidency of Kaduz Dzettraum. In theory, power is vested upon largely zealotic and dzeerazza officials equally in the Kungoz senate. In practice, Dzettraum exercise complete control on all aspects of the government & those who disagree with his policies would be sent away to the Oprintsgyi detention centers.

Dzettraumic DzeerazzaEdit

The term first appeared in a Kungoz newspaper commentary, praising the leadership of Kaduz Dzettraum. Dzettraumic Dzeerazza describes the characteristics of Dzettraum's leadership, in which Dzeerazza and zealotic beliefs are integrated into society, the top leader of the ruling Zeeaist Party represents the face of the Empire, zealotic belief must be strictly followed, and the complete opposition to "revisionist dzeerazza" (commonly called Prudenttism), "Zealotic Communism," anti-zealotic beliefs, and capitalism. Due to these characteristics, some empires criticize Dzettraum for turning the KZR into a despotic autocracy. The harshest criticisms come from zeeaist thinkers outside the Kungoz Empire, claiming that Dzettraum "has created a zealotic dystopia while at the same time substituting Spode and replacing Spode with himself as the diety to be praised."


The Kungoz Army, named the Kungoz Zealotic Army, is recognized as being the largest army in the Fried Egg Galaxy, numbering at 137 Billion.

The Kunank-42 is considered to be the most modern anti-matter tank to be ever fielded across the universe.

The army posses modern equipment ranging from fighters to anti-matter weaponry.


Zealotic belief is the official religion of the Kungoz Zeeaist Republic. All other forms of religious belief is heavily suppressed, with their followers interned at the infamous Oprintsgyi Detention centers scattered across the empire.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The Kungoz are seen as a galactic power in the Fried Egg Galaxy due to their massive influence there. They are currently at war with the Tunto, but enjoy warm relations with other empires in the galaxy & with dzeerazza empires outside of it.


Name: Kungoz Zeeaist Republic

Government Type: Single-Party dzeerazza, zealotic, "Dzettraumic Dzeerazza" Dictatorship

Leader: Kaduz Dzettraum