There are a variety of languages spoken throughout the roleplay. Whether real or ficticious, add a language in this page!


By far the most common language spoken by most of the empires is Basic. Basic is simply English, making it an Earth-native language; but in the RP, some use expressions not normally used in the language. Some other words and phrases here and there that you wouldn't normally hear such as "By the stars" are some differences between basic and the English you know of.

Insectoid BasicEdit

Insectoid Basic is a directly compatible version of spoken Basic primarily spoken by insectoid empires, such as the Squin, the Skorpak, and the Aurot and Mothrai empires. Designed to be spoken by races without the necessary vocal structure to speak proper Basic, Insectoid Basic is communicated via a combination of clicks, whistles, and cries. It's written form is the written form of proper Basic.


The Society Of Dawh-Jalupi has an unknown language with an as-of-yet undeciphered script.  It appears undecipherable, but shares many similarities to Exillic.


The language of every species of Rana-Lina-Ek.  It has a few similarities to Exillic.


A language spoken by most predominantly Exilist species.  Said to have come from several billion years in the future, it appears to be similar to both Jeskaw and Rana-Zel-Zel-Ek.


Another language from Earth, Sanskrit was used as a religious language among the Doboloreans, who mostly are Buddhists.

Attrian Edit

The original language spoken by the Attrybites of the Empire of Attria. Although now outdated it is still used in the URS's motto and other official documents from the deep state. It is written using hieroglyphs and sounds similar to the Finnish language of Earth.

Other LanguagesEdit

There are also thousands upon thousands of other, more minor languages that exist in the RP in one way or another.