The Imperial Order of Empires ( I.O.E) was once the first A.O.O but since the Squin dictatorship ( the leading member of the time) was occupied by the Spodum empire the Janus took quick action and took all Squin planets occupied by the Spods. The Janus quickly paid the Spods for all the damages as not too start a war and then there was an agreement that stated the Squin Monarchy, the Octagon Alliance, The Spods, and the Janus controlled one third of Glaxon. The Janus then renamed the A.O.O the IOE and became the leading members.


Their first war was against the Kyna alliance ( now the new A.O.O). Victor: No one (Peace treaty)

Their second war is against the Arton. Victor: IOE


Janus Empire
Hacro Empire
Grob Empire
About 1/4 of the Grox Empire
Deku Scrub Empire
Yordo Empire
Aurot Empire
Sparu Empire
Alphi Empire
Davnio Empire
Trenzi Empire
Stonden Empire
Skylot Empire
Estip Empire

Jongort Empire


The Octagon Alliance and The Spodum Empire

Current EventsEdit

Han Zeek was found dead. strangely he cannot be recloned...

End of the IOEEdit

After the Mumbleflubbies destroyed the Janus, the Ala-Ik ruled the IOE, but the Mumbleflubbies gave that title to the Squin. The Squin renamed it A.O.O again and now control it again.