"We have the technology." -Ibrs

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The most famous Ala-Ik captain of all time, and a skilled fighter.

Ibrs is one of the Great Priests. He was notable for being the best captain of the Ala-Ik Empire and Han Zeek's partner.


The Early DaysEdit

In Ibrs' youth, he was the son of the uncle of a member of the royal family. He also had a younger brother named Yzmir, who is still alive and part of his crew. Otherwise, nothing much is known of Ibrs' youth other than the fact that he excelled at physical tasks during his scholarship to an Ala-Ik school, which, as all others, focused solely on physical training.

A Class Of His OwnEdit

For being physically superior to his peers in his childhood and ever since, Ibrs was granted the ability to own a division from the Ala-Ik Army. He accepted, but he only uses it in battle. Most of the time, he cruised around in a special spaceship called the Blood Skull, remaining aware if an Ala-Ik colony is in need of help.

A Voice From A PeopleEdit

During the first civil war and onwards, Ibrs channelled the messages of the Ala-Ik Empire to the other members of the Alliance Of Order. In fact, he even became an unofficial sidekick for Han Zeek, a famous Janus captain, whenever he's bounty hunting. Once, he even ended up having a Romorph baby with electric powers that he decided to keep and train to become a new Crew member while successfully freeing Han Zeek from a hypno leech.

Times Grew WorseEdit

Soon, there came a time when the Janus, the leaders of the I.O.E, were destroyed. Before a merge could be done with the new A.O.O, the Octagon Alliance proposed a merge with the I.O.E. Without a leader, the I.O.E voted unanimously to joining the Octagon Alliance. However, most of the Ala-Ik Empire was in a pocket reality, except the Enigma, so Silvias Portstrike could take back the I.O.E merely by killing Ibrs, his crew and Bazrez, and destroying all their ships, including the Enigma, and even destroying the pocket reality gateways. However, Han Zeek, now part of Ibrs' crew, escaped aboard the Blood Skull and managed to reclone his friends, except Cadrik, who was considered an enemy. Bazrez, without a ship, joined Ibrs' crew, and later on, the Blood Skull got destroyed, and thanks to an idea from Han Zeek, it crashed into Squaven II's tower, who then got killed by Ibrs and his crew.

More Than Meets The EyeEdit

Juggernaut (1)

Juggernaut X in robot mode.

Later on, while on the run from the Shami due to Han Zeek, Ibrs built a replica of the new Blood Skull, the Blood Skull II. This replica would end up being chased around by Superion X, the latest Shami mech, which can transform into a spaceship, but then, it transformed itself into Juggernaut, a transforming mech. However, since Superion X was 3 times it's size, Juggernaut went to use his molecular conversion laser on a moon, creating Juggernaut X, something so that Superion X could fight someone his own size. Later on, through a few inter-universal travels, new mechs were created, like Gigastrike Prime and Thaw, as well as the Onslaughts. Of these, only Thaw and the Onslaughts can't transform.

In The Real Omniverse...Edit

Here, Ibrs' adventures were all the same as in the fake omniverse up to the point when the war was prevented. While on the run from the Pasmack Omniprimes, the Blood Skull crashed onto an Ala-Ik colony. Secretly copied Squin blueprints were used to make the Blood Skull II in this omniverse, and Juggernaut was made as well as a decoy to get the Pasmack Omniprimes to accidentally crashland thanks to Juggernaut's spaceship form's extreme manoeuverability. Afterwards, Juggernaut made this omniverse's Juggernaut X from the nearest moon.

Ibrs (2)

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Later on, a strange ship came near Ibrs and led the latter to the planet of the Dark Templars, where Ibrs became a Dark Templar.  If you download that creation by dragging the picture to your left into the in-game Sporepedia, you should notice that his description is incomplete because I was going to edit it on Here is the full-length description: He now joined the Dark Templars and touched a powerful crystal. Ibrs now has powerful abilities such as teleporting planetary distances, combat skills much better than a master ninja, an infinite cloak that dosen't consume energy, mind communication, seeing in the dark, and occasionally having short visions of the future. He can also revert to his original form and his Dark Templar form at will, but only his Dark Templar form has the powers.

Crew MembersEdit

Bluemoon- One of Ibrs' friends, he was especially skilled in piloting the Blood Skull II using mind-enhancing technology.

Yzmir- Ibrs' brother, and a great melee fighter. There is a replacement mech of him when not available.

Han Zeek- A famous Janus captain.

Bazrez- The only Zorkrio-Zianiid captain, since his much stronger alternate died of age.

Unnamed Romorph- It dosen't have a name yet, and it got electrical powers after digesting an electricity-powered missile with it's highly digestive body. This suggests that Romorphs can take on special powers when digesting unusual things.