A bard empire. They have an addiction to coffee, like the Alphi. They are probably the second-most well known empire in the Squin Galaxy, with the first obviously being the Squin.



The entrance to the Harco capital.

The Harco were quite adaptable during the creature stage and hunted and allied when 

necessary. The same applies for their tribal stage. During the civilization stage, they were surprisingly a military nation. A huge world war broke out on their homeworld, due to an arguement between the nation leaders over their favorite flavor ice cream. The Harco Nation won, and they declared chocolate as the best flavor. When they got into space, they had a war with a warrior empire called the Quabert Empire. The Harco were defeated and fled to a planet on the other side of the Squin Galaxy, Walvin. When they met the Squin, they tried to get them to join the Anti-Grox Alliance. The Harco refused, so Squaven started choking the Harco King in rage, forcing them to join. When they discovered the Alphi Empire, they were happy to have joined because they now had a bard buddy.

After AwakenmentEdit

50 million years later, they awoke, and allied the Glaxar Squin and the Grox.  Together, they attempted to defeat the Socialist Squin and the Jaylots alongside the Glaxars and Grox, but lost.  Later on, they would escape the Quantum Bomb exchange to head to the Andromeda III Galaxy.