The Gula Galaxy is a galaxy in the Najaar Supercluster. It was once home to the Gorga descendants who came from their home universe, some due to hidden portals, some due to their own will, but since, all species have gone extinct except the Gohraydes and the Gorautan, who now form the Gohrayde Exilist Kingdom. The Galaxy is also, among others, the home of the United Republic Of The Stars, a massive empire that believes in the spreading of universal unalienable rights, and fights to protect it, along with some other, smaller empires.


Before The A.O.OEdit

It is unclear what occurred in the Gula Galaxy before the A.O.O held a presence there. Somehow, various descendant races of the wholly-unknown Gorga Empire ended up here, by means likely tied to the existence of the Fake Omniverse. They established various empires and spanned the galaxy, rarely making contact with one another and developing differently from their racial customs with which they left their true place of origin.

First ContactEdit

First of the races of what would become the Alliance Of Order to make contact with the inhabitants of the Gula Galaxy were the Spine Grox, who came from the Black Eye Galaxy, to which it was connected by a wormhole in Gorautan territory. These two empires became allies, and would later join the A.O.O, through which the other members discovered the Gorautan and the Gula Galaxy, but they would retain only limited knowledge of either for a long time. Around this time, Spine Grox missionaries also spread the Earth-native religion of Christianity in the galaxy, shortly after which it became the Gorautans' state religion. Also, a fair portion of the many Eurath factions that were created after their initial empire in Andromeda II was destroyed fled to the Black Eye and Gula Galaxies through the wormholes linking them together.

Rise Of ExilismEdit

Contact with the Gula Galaxy almost entirely ceased during and after the collapse of the A.O.O, at which time Exilist activity in the general galactic area began to increase with the events occurring on the planet Ak, in the neighbouring Azure Galaxy. The Apocalyptic War began shortly after, at which point the many Gorga descendant states were almost entirely wiped out, save for a few refugees from among the Gorautan and Gohrayde races who had converted to Exilism. These would become the descendants of the Gohrayde Exilist Kingdom.

The Forgotten War And BeyondEdit

Following the Apocalyptic War was the Forgotten War, which despite supposedly being an important period in modern intergalactic history, is poorly-known, with virtually all information about it being held by the GEK and little to no physical evidence found to suggest that it ever occurred. According to what is known, the Gula Galaxy was largely controlled by the Mushroom Pikmin and their allies during this war.

It is also believed that GulaCorp, believed to be the oldest continuously-operating corporate entity in the universe, was founded at some point during the ending stages of this war, but the reason why remains unclear, and this time of founding is debated by some to this day, as GulaCorp has a policy of destroying all of it's documents that are over one million years old, making their origins a mystery even to the more senior members of it's administration. It is, however, strongly believed that upon or shortly after founding, their presence was practically everywhere in the Gula Galaxy, but as demand for their products decreased several million years later due to external competition and increasing influence from the neighbouring Attrian Star Republic, a precursor of the current United Republic of the Stars, their influence in the galaxy shrunk greatly. To this day, GulaCorp continues to exist in a very limited number of star systems, defending itself from neighbouring empires by trading with them, even for free on a few rare occasions.

The Gula Galaxy TodayEdit

The current Gula Galaxy is rather isolated from the rest of the known universe, but it's nations continue to partake in external affairs. Emerging from a recently-ended cold war, the United Republic of the Stars has become a galactic power, while the nearby Gohrayde Exilist Kingdom has maintained neutrality in the galaxy, remaining the leading empire in a small Exilist sphere of influence. However, with war threatening much of the known universe, the future of the Gula Galaxy could very well become divided between the two powers in the near future, but that remains to be seen.

Full List of Major Empires in the Gula Galaxy, A-ZEdit

  • Dominion of Ulanow
  • Gohrayde Exilist Kingdom
  • GulaCorp
  • Kingdom of Herpa
  • Raynaw Republic
  • United Republic of the Stars
  • Xenros Exilist Republic