The Grox-1-

Formerly believed to be one of the most dangerous creatures in the universe.

The Grox are an ancient race of cyborgs that once colonised the core-regions of almost every galaxy.


Their origins are mostly unknown, but based on Grob testimonials, they have come from Earth millions of years before mankind, their species being known as the Grob back then, due to a monolith with origins dating to an even more ancient Earth-native race that they refused to reveal the name of.  After some time, a cult that believed that technological implants would improve their species took over, then radicalized to the beliefs they are now feared for today.  Also, at this point, they left Earth completely, removing and reversing any trace of their existence, including the monolith.

Over time, they adanced and spread, and ever since the Squin Empire came to be, other races have been actively joining in the extermination of the Grox Empire and it's individual divisions.  Some Grox left to form their own empire, and they allied with the Squin and the Alphi to form the Anti-Grox Alliance, which would eventually become the Alliance Of Order.

To this day, they have gone extinct during the Apocalyptic War, but a small group survived under the control of Zoii, an artificial intelligence of unknown make, but is believed to have been made by the race that uplifted the Humans.  Her task was to monitor a small group of Grox in order to gather data, but once the last Grox fleet under her control was destroyed by the Quee, she transferred all of her coding into a custom Grox ship containing a Grox body that is used as an avatar body by her to this day.  She also brought along a crew of modified Dronox to assist her, and the first thing she did in this new body was hack into one ship each from select empires and send them to attack the Quee, in the hopes of causing the empires to actively attack the Quee due to the ensuing raise of conflicts.

Later on, Zoii used her programming to indoctrinate several Grox from Squin and Jaylot occupation zones following a war, and using these Grox, she founded the Dzeerazza Grox Empire in the Milky Way Galaxy, although which it uses Dzeerazza as it's principal government ideology, is more of an iron-fist dictatorship, due to Zoii's control.  However, she isn't evil, and only seeks revenge against the Quee for nearly ruining her task.


As seen above, Zoii is the current leader of what are believed to be the last Grox in the universe. When the Dzzitians annexed the Milky Way's Dzeerazza territories due to hardly known circumstances, Zoii led her Grox to a joint extra-universal colony between them and their new foes. They defeated the Dzzitians and enslaved the local population, turning them into Mite-like military units.

Later on, following the transcendence of the Quee into the Queee, the Night Raves, a race of Quee slaves with a long history, helped Zoii and vice versa to "defeat" the Queee. The latter have since departed to a far-away future.

Zoii's Grox have now permanently settled in this new universe, unknown to the A.O.O RP universe's denizens, save for the Grey Cyborgs or Crox, who have since become a puppet-state. This is known only due to Crox intelligence, and according to them, Zoii formed a state known as the Zox Republic, an apparent multi-party democracy in which political parties exist solely in the form of coded sets of laws that are chosen by the citizens for themselves every year.