The Glaxar Squin are a unique race of Squin, originally characterized by their black markings. They were given unique abilities by Xanea, but later used said powers to attempt to steal his power, which caused him to nearly destroy them. After vanishing and reappearing many times, they finally reappeared again, this time with extremely advanced and unknown technology.

History Edit

Before Squin UnificationEdit

The Glaxar Squin came into being when Xanea decided to create a special, more powerful type of Squin to rule over the rest of the species. He intended to use them as puppets which he would use to conquer existence. When Squin tribes began forming into medieval kingdoms, he blessed the aristocracy of a single kingdom with unique dark magic which he named the Glaxar Kingdom. With their newly obtained powers and intelligence, they were easily able to conquer the other nearby Squin kingdoms until they eventually conquered the entire continent. After having nothing left to conquer and nothing left to attempt to become better than, the aristocracy came up with a new idea. The only thing greater than them was Xanea himself and they intended to change that. After a failed attempt to summon Xanea into a trap in which he would be sealed into place so that Glaxar sorcerers could drain his power, he punished the Glaxar by destroying their massive kingdom. The "normal" Squin kingdoms rebelled against the Glaxar and then fought each other until the Squin industrial era due to the fact they could not agree on post-Glaxar borders. It had seemed that the Glaxar had vanished from history forever, only remaining in legends and some history books, because many historians had debated whether or not the Glaxar had actually received unique magic from the blessing, or if it was just a metaphor to how much Xanea considered them important.

Apocalyptic WarEdit

Many, many years later in Squin history, when it became clear that the Apocalyptic War would destroy all life that did not escape into special preservation pods, the Glaxar suddenly reappeared from the shadows, converting Squaven II's son, Squaven III , to their ways and somehow jumped forward in time to the date which the preserved Squin would re-emerge from the pods - 50 million years in the future. They easily conquered the re-emerging Squin and finally revived their old nation in the form of the Glaxar Squin Empire, which began aggressively expanding across Andromeda II.

Glaxar WarEdit

Xanea had brought Squaven's and Squaven II's Communist empire forward in time as well, and they arrived to take back the other Squin from the Glaxar. The Jaylot , which had earlier emerged from their own pod and were attacked by the Glaxar, joined the war on the side of the Communists. Glaxar technology was far superior, though they were heavily outnumbered and began losing ground. Squin and Jaylot forces soon began discovering Glaxar technological secrets and plans for future tech when taking Glaxar worlds. When the allied forces arrived on New Glaxon, the Glaxar homeworld, Squaven III was executed and the citizens, who were all "normal" Squin, surrendered. The aristocratic Glaxar government, which were all made of the Glaxar type of Squin, continued resisting from the shadows for a while. A new leader was chosen, who started broadcasting to both his people and his enemies strange messages about "coming enlightenment", "inevitable victory", and other strange things. Meanwhile, the Squin and Jaylot discovered one of the Glaxar's greatest inventions: the quantum bomb .

Quantum WarEdit

Xanea grew tired of the fact that no matter what happened, the Squin were always unable to fulfill his goal of conquering existence for him, so he decided to start over. He set off a Jaylot quantum bomb which made them believe the Squin had done it, so they fired back. At first it was believed that the Squin government was killed off during the war, but it was later discovered that the Glaxar actually saved them and brought them into a very large, strange artificial object, which seemed to be immune to quantum bombs. Squaven joined the Glaxar, becoming their leader. Squaven II escaped to an unknown location and Squald was killed fighting but was later revived by the Squin Hive.


Sometime after the Holy Tekoist Superempire was founded, the Glaxar suddenly came out of the mysterious object they were hiding in. (It was implied said object brought them somewhere outside of this universe.) They returned appearing completely different than before, and now had unimagineably advanced technology, which they claimed was greater than gods. They set up strange artificial planets and stars in the remains of Andromeda and announced to the universe that they were the most enlightened species. They invited any willing species to join them, claiming that they would someday leave this universe again to achieve true perfection.