The Free Hive Of Tzèoqàtl


Absolute Monarchy


Tèotacàn, Tzèoqàtl

Head Of State


Past Heads Of State


Ruling Dynasty

Niig Dynasty






Zoratheist Orcelio Empire, Xenros, Dzzitian, Dzeerazza Grox Empire, Others


~15 Years

The Free Hive Of Tzèoqàtl, or FHT, was the successor state of the Exiled Hive.  It was populated by the Àtzalèkotl-Lina-Ek and Exiled Flesh species.

The FHT emblem. The text on it says Nili, meaning Freedom.


When the Exiled Hive got infected with the Inhelium parasites, the Exiled Flesh saw the dangers of this.  They proceeded to band together to exterminate the entire species, all members of which were infected in one way or the other.  The Àtzalèkotl-Lina-Ek, which were previously restricted to Tzèoqàtl by the Exiled Hive, were now free, so they recolonised as much as they could of the Exiled Hive's former territory and established the Free Hive Of Tzèoqàtl.

The Exiled Flesh exterminate the infected Exiled Zealots.



An average Àtzalèkotl-Lina-Ek.


Kad-Niig-Zel-Ek, the king of the FHT.

The FHT was run by a king, exerting his infrared influence inherited from his own species through Chieftains, the leaders of individual colonies.  Both member races of the FHT have these infrared reception abilities, and therefore, everyone can be controlled by the king, but he chooses not to do so, although a certain group is an exception, as described below.

External AffairsEdit

The FHT is in the NAOO, in which there was a civil war in which most members are neutral to.  They are fighting for Imperial interests while the Zoratheist Orcelio Empire, formerly aided but now alone due to various reasons, is combatting for Zoratheism.  The cause of the conflict is a disputed group of Romaens that were formerly in the Exilist Kingdom Of Romae.  The imperialist FHT claimed itself to be more free than the Zoratheists, sheltering the population of the nearby Romaen colony they were given after a Dzeerazza Grox Empire invasion.  The ZOE destroyed the Romaen's shelters and sent them to the Andromeda III Galaxy to form the Zoratheist Remnant Of Romae, governed by Mornu Novace.

The Giant GalaxyEdit

The FHT had discovered a recently-arrived galaxy at least 100 times bigger than a regular galaxy orbiting around a gigantic star rather than a black hole, although this galaxy has very little life.  Here, they colonised an area the size of a galaxy, and offered other NAOO members to colonise here, but due to the civil war described above, they withdrew them all except the Soyuz Remnant, of which their only colony is located here, so that the withdrawn races become unaware of the goings-on in this galaxy.

Due to the civil war, the FHT had made this colonial region a military production zone where troops are trained and military equipment is made.  As the FHT has been defeated, this area assumably gained independence due to a lack of infrared control.



A depiction of the planet Ak with two Xera-Rana-Lina-Ek loking down on it. It is located on top of the king's residence, and is an example of Aktheist symbols being used to make Aktheists feel free, despite the control put upon them.

Although much of the FHT's population was Exilist, a minority of approximately 40% of Àtzalèkotl-Lina-Ek was still allegiant to their ancestrial religion, that of the planet Ak.  However, this minority is especially affected by the King's infrared influence, and are unable to physically do anything pertaining to it, instead being controlled to behave like any Exilist Àtzalèkotl-Lina-Ek.

An ancient, abandoned portal is now a gateway into the unknown.

As with Exilist matters, there were two unusual things setting the FHT's Exilism apart from that of the rest of the universe.  First, there were small ruins on the homeworld, and it was said that they will be rebuilt at an unknown point in the future, and they did just before the Queee left, but they caused the planet to become destroyed when one of them approached it.

Also, there was a portal that was also located on the homeworld that was said to link to the Loop, a realm within the Exiled One's subconscious.  Due to this, an Àtzalèkotl-Lina-Ek was sacrificed into the portal every day, but in reality, the portal is the last piece of evidence of a long-forgotten alliance between the Exiled Mass and an otherwise unknown empire from another universe. During their defeat, the few known remaining Àtzalèkotl-Lina-Ek fled into said portal with Exiled Flesh spores at hand, after which what occurred was unknown.

Following the Dzeerazza Grox Empire's obtainment of Tzèoqàtl, they studied this portal, and unbeknownst to any other empire, with their Dzzitian allies, they made warp drives based on it's technology, which they used to colonise the other universe on a small scale. Following the Third Impact, the Dzzitians were ousted and possibly exterminated from these colonies, while the Dzeerazza Grox were defeated in their home universe, forcing them to move to their colonies, where their fate is mostly unknown. However, they have survived there, as made evident by Zoii's return to defeat the Queee.