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A Dobolorean. Unlike other shamans, they don't have many spells.

Bipedal elephant-like creatures restricted to their home system by a planet in said star system that is basically a replica of Earth, only barren of all lifeforms and traces of civilization, except buddhist temples located in the Himalayas replica. They are shamans.

Their BeginningEdit

  • The Dolbite, the earliest land ancestor of the Doboloreans.
  • The Dolobite, the first Dobolorean ancestor to have a trunk-mouth and antennae.
  • The Dboolorite. The antennae now serve to smell, hear, touch, hold and taste-test.
  • A wild Dobolorean. This one's been neglected.
  • A tribal Dobolorean.
They originated from an ancient cell species from a destroyed planet. The cells arrived here by meteorite and were called Dolbs. They eventually evolved to fill the niche of elephants.

However, this wasn't the start of their intelligence. Buddhist priests were disgusted by the polluting ways of the rest of the human race. They decided to live somewhere where there were no humans, so with psychic powers they keep secret, they created a replica of Earth without life, nor civilization, nor any traces of it, called Nagosteis. The priests made the planet emanate a power that would make entering or exiting the star system impossible. Then, through a passage in their temples, they went to the planet and planted trees and shrubs to feed upon in their new life. But how would their children not become greedy like the average modern human, they wondered?

They saw with their powers that life was developing on a nearby planet within the system, Borgo-3. This would become the Dobolorean homeworld. The buddhist priests decided to turn their souls into crystals during their death, and when an intelligent species, the Doboloreans, would evolve, the crystals would become the souls again to enter the species' body. The Doboloreans did indeed evolve, and the buddhist plan worked perfectly. They then forgot all details about the creation of the star system and remembered their buddhist traditions. New ones were obtained and some changed with time...

The True Odyssey BeginsEdit

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Quarocers The XXIth. He's shown here with his shield and his twin mounted lasers.

As the first Deep Blue Sting, the only kind of spaceship in the Last Resort Armada fleet and the only kind of Dobolorean spaceship at the time, which can carry 18 Blue Stings, which are the aircraft of the Doboloreans, anyway, as the first Deep Blue Sting was made, Quarocers The XXIth, the only ever Dobolorean captain was told to investigate a strange power coming from Nagosteis by the matriarch of the Doboloreans, or queen. When Quarocers The XXIth went onto the planet, he got a vision about all the buddhist history, including the creation of that star system, and told all of this to the matriarch. Eventually, all the Doboloreans became true buddhists, even making Buddha statues and sculptures in their temples.

The DiscoveryEdit

One day, the Exiled One felt a surviving human descendancy coming from the Himalayas on Earth. He told the Ala-Ik king to dispatch a dozen Ala-Ik and to bring as many rocks as possible, as well as some Molecular Converters. The group of twelve found a passageway in a buddhist temple there, and when they went out, their location was in another arm. An Ala-Ik scout was sent to this uncolonised quadrant to see what happened, and couldn't enter the star system the radar said they were in. And it was clear: Somehow, the group of twelve managed to find a secret passage into an otherwise inaccessible star system! The Ala-Ik decided to settle in both copies of the buddhist temples on both Earth and Nagosteis, and met the Doboloreans. They decided to join the Octagon Alliance, and with the help of the Ala-Ik, the Doboloreans colonised their system's gas giant, Abrion. Some Ala-Ik were invited to live there as well aside from in their embassy.

The Fake OmniverseEdit

An unknown event destroyed the Exiled One's creations as well as their allies and a few other species to get destroyed.  Due to the protected star system the Doboloreans have, they were safe, but they needed a new portal to attach to their only star system. They found Borgo-2, a T3 planet without sentient species and with a suitable biochemistry in the Larveev's Universe. Here, they founded a giant city out of yellow spice bricks, in case someone attacks, for yellow spice bricks are slightly more resistant than Glaxonium. This would be a "new homeworld" for the Doboloreans, which after rebuilding the city from it's previous wood-and-metal state, recycled the products previously used. The wood would be used for floor tiles for the first floor and basement, the latter being accessible only by a mile-deep hole and is where the portal is, of the communications tower at the center of the city. As for the recycled metal, it became the only ever Dobos S1-M ships, the first in a massive army to span land, water, air and space. Soon, all 4 rocky planets in the system where Borgo-2 is were colonised as well as all the rocky planets in 2 star systems, both having 5. The Doboloreans now have 14 colonies in 3 star systems, and the Dobos S1-M's have earned the purpose of serving as airplanes across the many colonies.

However, the Doboloreans also have an entire star system of mold Nightrais. A mold Nightrai served in the foundation of the colony on Borgo-2 and became the last Nightrai in the Fake Omniverse, and later on, a DNA mixture injected into him made him able to use mold since his biochemistry originally prevented him from using mold. However, this mold would make whatever living thing it touches become an exact copy of the mold Nightrai. The original tested this ability on a civilized planet with about 100 billion citizens, all of which became mold Nightrais. To prevent overpopulation, the whole star system became a Dobolorean military buildup sector where the mold Nightrais can live. There, they live like their own empire, but are still under the power of the Dobolorean Empire. They are loyal to the Doboloreans and will never rebel against them.

The Dobolorean ShieldEdit

The Doboloreans formed an alliance to defeat all empires with too large of a portion of the omniverse and bring peace and order to the omniverse, starting with the weakest tyrant, and ending with the Squin. All knight empires in the Squin omniverse except those in the U.R.E or the A.O.O have joined the alliance because they think alike with the goal of the Dobolorean Shield.  By the time the USZR formed in the real Omniverse, the Dobolorean Shield had succeeded in overthrowing the A.O.O and it's empires, and effectively destroying them and the other empires that took too big of a share of the Omniverse, abandonning their territory to let beings to come in future generations repopulate the once-depleted Omniverse.

Also, before the Mumbleflubbies tried to wipe them out, the Spodumists managed to send most of their citizens from their Spodumist states to the Real Omniverse.  Despite this and the Mumbleflubby attacks, Jak Hadrov was temporarily escorted to safety in an unknown region of the Fake Omniverse along with a few million other Mokodoks aboard two large remnant fleets, which would all later be reorganized into the New Spodum Empire, located where the old empire was, but smaller.  The Dobolorean Shield still believed that they were a remnant group of what once dominated a significant enough portion of the Fake Omniverse to be a target, so they began to attack them to prevent them from ever returning to an unwanted level.

Post-Dobolorean Shield AffairsEdit

The other part of the Omniverse, which the Exiled One had separated to isolate a few species, rejoined the main Fake Omniverse after the success of the Doboloreans, and since the latter still had ties to the Octagon Alliance, said group of empires sent their troops against the Spods to aid the Doboloreans, who were struggling because of unrecovered losses suffered during their attack on the A.O.O, and due to their major downsizing, they were also left territorially vulnerable. As a result, the New Spodum Empire attacked and successfully defeated much of the Octagon Alliance, but the Ala-Ik attempted diplomatic reconciliation with the nation with which they once had warm relations.  This would have unforeseen consequences, though, as Spodumist Exilism was invented soon afterwards and put into power by some New Spodumist officials looking for a chance to thrive under the New Spodum Empire, and finding leadership in an official who secretly sought peace, especially with a historical friend. While the other major empires from the separated half were already destroyed by the Octagon Alliance before the halves reunited, or in the Chen Empire's case, reformed into a Spodumist empire by the expanding New Spodum Empire, the Ala-Ik and Janus Empires, the only truly intact empires after all that happened, allied with the Spods.  Also, the PhUn, a group of Gleyh-Boh-Iit rebels who wanted their empire to be Bards, established a new Gleyh-Boh-Iit empire after the old one was destroyed, which became Spodumist-Exilist under the influence of a few higher-ranking members of PhUn.

As for the Dobolorean Shield, it disbanded after making peace with the New Spodum Empire, and an Ala-Ik revolutionist called Taana'k did a coup in the Dobolorean Empire, making them a Spodumist-Exilist state, eliminating all forms of Buddhism.  The Knight empires soon saw the supposed evils of Spodumist Exilism, so in a single scratch, the Exiled One destroyed all Knight empires, and disappeared.

While all of this happened, the mold Nightrai declared indepencence from the Dobolorean Empire, as it had become oppressive on Buddhism, and the mold Nightrai only obeyed to the Buddhist monarchy.  Before they could attack the Spods and Doboloreans, the former developped a cure for mold, and forcefully spread it on all the mold Nightrais, making them unable to turn their foes into them by merely touching them, then the Spods destroyed them.  When the Exiled One assimilated the Fake Omniverse, only the Spodumist-Exilist Empire, which is composed of the Spodumist-Exilist Mokodok Empire, the Dobolorean Empire and the Gleyh-Boh-Iit Empire, the Ala-Ik Empire, the Janus Empire and the Chen Empire remained, and also a Buddhist Dobolorean rebel group that remained secret.

The Real OmniverseEdit

In the real Omniverse, the Doboloreans didn't have an important role in history except forming the new Exiled One in the far, far, far, far future with the Yuurthunc Empire.  However, prior to assimilating the fake Omniverse, the new Exiled One had separately assimilated a dying universe in it known only as Pijidraw.  It had multiple variations of itself, all of which have also been assimilated, and lives on within the new Exiled One's subconscious, also known as the Loop.  It is believed that the empires that were in the Fake Omniverse ended up in this realm.  As the Loop's time freezes when the Exiled One is unconscious according to studies by the Allied Hive, it has also been theorised that the same happens to Pijidraw and it's many variations.