Aura comes from a highly specialised part of the brains of certain animals and sapient species to be able to do tasks with the mind. Not to be confused with magic, the latter of which is used by Jaylots, the Shaman Deku Scrubs and other shamans from the Squin Galaxy. However, there isn't just the natural kind of aura, some kinds are artificial.

Aura In GeneralEdit

Aura is a substance produced by the mind and is used by the Aurot, as well as other animal species scattered across the universe.  More advanced versions of aura allow a multitude of supernatural abilities, and include the Khala and the Exiled Oneness.

Artificial AuraEdit

Artificial aura is possible by linking brains together.

Ala-Ik Artificial AuraEdit

It is believed that the Ala-Ik had special machines in their brains that allow each other to communicate without speaking in any distance.  However, the extent of this ability and what can be accomplished thanks to it are unknown and sometimes potentially exaggerated.