Attrian Star Republic
Attrian star republic flag


Democratic Republic


Pre-Civil War: Benrantaa

Post-Civil War: Attria




No official religion


Attrian: "Hän on suosinut sitoumuksiamme"

Basic: "He has favored our commitments"

National Anthem

"Battle Hymn of the Republic"


Around 40 thousand years

Official Languages

Attrian and Basic

The Attrian Star Republic was a larger-sized empire that was based in the Gula Galaxy. It was formed as a rebellious faction that seeked to restore peace, freedom, and justice against the evil and imposing Empire of Attria, and after a 10-year civil war it was successful in destroying said empire. It lasted for around 40 thousand years before merging with the True Free Republic of the Stars to become the United Republic of the Stars.

The National Anthem of the Attrian Star Republic is The Battle Hymn of the Republic, the same anthem as the United Republic of the Stars.

US Marines - Battle Hymn Of The Republic

US Marines - Battle Hymn Of The Republic