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Andromeda and the First Squin Empire at its peak.

Andromeda is the nearest galaxy to the Milkyway. It was home to many, many species, most of which are unfortunately undocumented. It was eventually destroyed by the Squin Spodification Group, forcing the Squin to move to Andromeda II.


Due to canonical uncertainty, all of this article below this point can be considered to be exclusively canon to the Fake Omniverse until further notice.

Due to various circumstances, it is unclear what happened in the Squin Galaxy's ancient past, as little research was done on it before it's destruction, but it is known that the Shaman Kingdom expanded to it.  During it's collapse, various factions, including at least three different empires of it's main race, at least three other empires from another race and divisions into at least two empires from two other species, all given examples of which whose newly-evolved species survived to this day, were formed.  Interestingly, the Jongort, Sparu, Yordo, Skylot, and Oracan races all share the same ancestrial species that had split into two species when it split into two empires long ago for long enough to become distinct races, most notably in the number of leg joints, only to be reunited under the banner of the Shaman Kingdom, then split again into the five empires we know today.

The ScorpoEdit

Among all of the warring factions, a new, prematurely-developped species called the Scorpo, finally mastered the ability to make spacecraft with stable energy sources during what would normally be the early beginning of it's tribe stage.  Among many things they have done, they extensively studied the past of the Andromeda Galaxy and beyond, and created numerous species via many genetic experiments.  These included:

  • Modifying their DNA to create a primitive, distinct and quickly-evolving form of themselves and seeding it across various worlds in the Andromeda Galaxy, creating the Harco, Davino and Choni races.  As they all ended up as Bards, this experiment was deemed a complete failure.
  • Modifying a cell species' DNA to create a quickly-evolving form of them and seeding it across various worlds in the Andromeda Galaxy, creating the Squin, Anatt, Estip, Aurot and Trenzi races, as well as the fish-like species that would go on to be modified by the Grox to become the Porthex race.
  • Adding Alphi and Stonden DNA to a small, birdlike species in the Andromeda Galaxy, creating the Ganer race.
  • Combining Shamasty, Alphi and Jaylot DNA to create a species in the Milky Way Galaxy, creating the Preskuore race.

The Reason Behind The WingsEdit

The Alphi, Jongort and Sparu species have wings when they biologically shouldn't.  Ancient Jongort records state that this was a biological improvement done through artificial insemination in their species and the Alphi to make them look angelic, honest and trustworthy, in an effort to promote the United Andromeda Empire, a failed attempt to unite the Andromeda Galaxy's former Shaman Kingdom members under one flag, of which the two empires were the founding members.  The Sparu were the first other members to join, and took the idea to give themselves wings through artificial insemination as well, but they were more dragonic in appearance.  Once the Empire was disbanded due to failure to gather sufficient support from the other empires, the Sparu severed their ties with the Alphi and the Jongort because the two lost faith in the Empire's potential.