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Unit Alpha
Pilot: Azele
Type: Production Model
Extra Soul: None
Current Ownership: Crypticnon

Status: Alive

Unit AlphaEdit

Unit Alpha is the amioun piloted by Azele. It is known for having glitchy/odd behavior; twice it has continued to move after it was decapitated, which shouldn't be possible.


Unit Alpha has the first prototype of current amioun armor and thus has lesser armor compared to newer models. However, Alpha's unique set up makes it very difficult to switch out or upgrade the armor.


Additional NotesEdit

  • Although Alpha appears to have four eyes, the lower eyes are actually complex sensors that allow Alpha to switch to thermal vision. It is unknown as to why this is a feature and so far it has not been used. No other amioun have this set up. It is believed however, that the secondary eyes may have had another, more unique and complex purpose, but it somewhere along the line it was either scrapped or never finished so thermal vision was just added randomly to fill the gap.
  • Alpha is known for losing its left arm frequently.
  • Alpha seems to have a weird set of abilities caused from its glitches/odd behavior, with the main one being able to move without a head.
  • Despite being classified as a Production Model, many researchers who have worked on Alpha believe that it should be changed to a Test Type due to the glitches/odd behavior and the differences in mechanical half layout.