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Unit 2
Unit2AwakenedPNG SMALL
Pilot: Verro Cresx
Type: Test Type
Extra Soul: Zodara Cresx
Current Ownership: Crypticnon

Status: Alive

Unit 2Edit

Unit 2 is the amioun piloted by Verro Cresx. It is known for carrying an extra soul within its core, as well for its awakening.


Unit 2 is fitted with upgraded armor that surpasses earlier models. Occasionally, a knife or two will be stored in the back armor but in a reachable place. Unit 2 is the only amioun with armor around its neck and on its chest and shoulders that can change color depending on the sync ratio, with orange being none and normal, while white is over 400%. Unit 2 is also one of few amioun that has its jaw on a hinge in the armor, which is why its mouth is more clearly visible on the head armor as opposed to most other amioun. The purpose for this is not yet known though.


Additional NotesEdit

  • Unit 2 is one of three amioun that were part of the original amioun event.
  • Unit 2 is the only amioun that carries an extra soul, with said soul being Zodara Cresx, Verro's mother.
  • Unit 2 is the only amioun capable of holding both Spears of the Ancients without needing a duel entry pod system.
  • Unit 2 is one of two amioun classified under test type.
  • Unit 2 has shown it has incredible power that other amioun currently lack. This power is a fully controlled awakening, even going as far as to restore a mortal body that was turned into energy, as well as returning the soul to it. It was also able to completely restore a lost limb using pure energy.