A bard empire which is one of the founders of the Alliance of Order. They have an addiction to coffee, like the Harco.



The Alphi's ancestors were believed by the Alphi to be very peaceful bird-like creatures and allied with every nest they could in the creature stage. Same for the tribal stage. When they made it to the civilization stage, they were thought to be an average religious nation. When they got to space, it is certain, however, that they were the leader race of the Shaman Kingdom. That empire probably no longer exists, due to it's collapse. Some of the unknown species escaped and crash landed on a jungle planet called Draxin. Because the survivors had no technology, they had to restart life as a tribe. They eventually evolved into the modern-day Alphi, except without the wings, and also forgot their past homeworld. The Squin had plans to find that planet and see if the ancient empire still exists, but failed, as they believed the homeworld was in the Andromeda Galaxy. The tribe eventually made it to civilization, but they became economic instead of religious. When they got to space, they became diplomats, and allied the Jongort, who formed the failed United Andromeda Empire together and both gained their wings though artificial insemination with slightly altered DNA strands, but were later converted into bards by another empire. The Alphi are still allied to the Jongort, however.