The Alliance Of Order universe is much like our own in appearance, but it also features certain features, aside from much more life and less restricted physics, that differentiate it from our own.  This subpage exists to document them.

Other ExistencesEdit

Alternate UniversesEdit

There are alternate universes of the Alliance Of Order universe. Most don't include anything present in the main timeline with extra-universal origins, but a small number of them do, and fewer still even have extra-universal elements of their own.

The universe referred to on the Alliance Of Order Wiki as the Alliance Of Order universe, the main universe, or sometimes the current universe, known as the Shattered Universe, is itself an alternate universe with close ties to the Fake Universe, described below. They mostly share a common historical basis, and at the time of writing, most content ever produced for the Alliance Of Order roleplay has been for either or both of these two universes, but while it can as such be said that these two universes are the main, or baseline, universes of the Alliance Of Order Multiverse, they in fact are not, whilst the actual baseline universe, and many, if not most other universes by extension, have most of the common elements of the early Fake and Shattered Universes and their history, but not all of them, nor the Fake Universe's special properties, in a way which is distinct from either of the two. As such, while the Fake and Shattered universes are similar to the baseline universe and it's related universes, the latter are in fact completely separate from the former, and share a different history until their respective points of divergence.

The Fake UniverseEdit

The Fake Universe, better known as the Fake Omniverse, is a special alternate universe located under the main universe.  Unbeknownst to all, it was created for experimental reasons by the Tru'Duhn, and remained the last piece of known physical evidence that the Tru'Duhn existed, until it's assimilation by the New Exiled One. It exhibited the unusual property of causing anything coming out of it to end up in an alternate version of the Omniverse.  Due to this, this universe was believed to be part of this other Omniverse.

It is unknown, but it has been theorised that all that remains of this universe is it's properties and it's parallelity to the universe.  Some say that other, unexplained things have come into existence there, but this remains unconfirmed to this day.

S.W.O.R.D UniverseEdit

This universe was considered merely hypothetical 50 million years ago, with anything close to it solely through a simulation from the time, although it mistakenly claims that instead of only across the universe, the A.O.O's cloning technology would be disabled across the Omniverse, which would have been unnessecarily much in the first place.

In this universe, the S.W.O.R.D won the 1st A.O.O Civil War. Spode successfully defeated the God That Will Come, the Janus never removed their holographic disguises and the Spine Grox held off the invasion of their homeworld, following all of which the S.W.O.R.D staged a major offensive in the Squin Galaxy, forcing the A.O.O to surrender. In the aftermath, Squaven and one of Magoses' avatars were assassinated, the former successfully due to Spode disabling all A.O.O recloning technology, but the latter unsuccessfully due to the Ala-Ik's technological advancements.

When the A.O.O, including it's cloning technology, was restored and ready for battle, which didn't take long thanks to Ala-Ik aid, Magoses, Ibrs and Yzmir conquered the Squin Spodification Group's homeworld with the Exiled One's help. This triggered a war against them and the S.W.O.R.D, beginning the War Of Justice. More information about it and all other wars in this universe can be found on the adjacent link. It should also be noted that in this timeline, the Squin were released from their occupation under the rule of the Squongo dynasty.

Following the Mushroom War, the Squin Galaxy and it's satellite galaxies were deemed safe, and what remained of the empires who, no matter the fraction, managed to survive, returned to resettle, parts of some of the larger surviving groups remaining in the Milky Way as a colonial presence. The Squin President successfully managed to introduce democracy to the new Squin in this universe. The Scoprion Brotherhood also evolved here as they have in the main universe due to the fleeing process, joining the A.O.O during the war, like the Gemsters and their allies.

With advanced technology and good diplomats, this A.O.O, eventually becoming the Holy Kingdom Of Order or H.K.O, would go on to last one and a half million years and encompass vast swathes of the universe before the sudden return of Spode, stronger than ever and with trillions of hidden believers and defectors. Following a heated battle with Spode that he barely survived, the Exiled One used what little power remained within him to teleport some of the more loyal and revenge-seeking citizens of the H.K.O into the strongest species-correspondant empires he could find in another universe...

Imperial Empires Of Evil UniverseEdit

There has also been a universe where Squaven I made different choices for his empire, where there is no Exiled One, and as such, no Exilist empires, and where an empire composed of microscopic organisms originating from another multiverse has taken up residence after a long migration across the Omniverse.

Other UniversesEdit

Aside from those listed on this article, there are many other alternate universes, most of which are as of yet ambiguous.  It is believed that there are 42 alternate universes in total, a number that cannot be confirmed.

Alternate TimelinesEdit

Existing within individual universes and sometimes becoming universes of their own due to divine intervention, these are usually caused as a direct result of time travel altering one or more events in the past.  Although composed of the same matter as in the other timelines in a universe, this matter can exist in other tmelines of that same universe just as well as in any universe, as the creation of a new timeline divides it between what was before time was alrtered and what came to be after the alterations.  Alternate timelines are more notably present in the Shattered Universe, in which there is an infinitessimal amount of them.

Dimensional PlanesEdit

These are planes of existence different from the main one.

The LoopEdit

The Loop is a realm that exists within the subconsciousness of the New Exiled One.  Life in it as defined by the Exilist definition is incapable of death here, resulting in incredibly high fertility rates.  Six empires and one resistance group have ended up here as well, among the worlds of 999 small realities parallel to one another and their inhabitants, all of these things of which are chosen survivors of the Exiled One's assimilation of the Fake Omniverse and part of another universe.  According to studies from the Exilist Order Of Perfection done just before the Apocalyptic War continued from the research of it's predecessor, the Allied Hive, this force is the consciousness of the New Exiled One.

Transitional Dimensional PlanesEdit

These are used by those with the magical ability to appear and disappear at will to do so.  There are many such realms, some with slight variations to what is possible with them.