Welcome to the Alliance of Order Wiki

The Wiki for the Alliance of Order group on the video game Spore. It is based on the story of different alliances, most originating from a mighty alliance called the Alliance of Order (A.O.O) and it's history. Anyone can add their empire. Feel free to join if you like what you see here.

For New Members!

Anyone can join the Alliance of Order Role Play, but before joining, we ask that you please contact Ex0dus_ or Jorisarii first and read the following:


  • Spore - This is the base game in which everything in the role play relates back to. It is also how you create everything for your empire(s) in the role play. The game is old now and you can get it for a cheap price if you don't already own it. Spore is a game made by EA and Maxis.
  • Spore Galactic Adventures - This is one of the expansions for the game Spore. Galactic Adventures is needed because other than Chatzy, it is the only true way to show events, what certain characters are doing, etc.Galactic Adventures is pretty old and you can get it for a fairly cheap price ( if you don't already own it). Spore Galactic Adventures is a game expansion made by EA and Maxis.
  • Buddies - Buddies are people you subscribe to on Spore to see all their newest creations. If you are planning to join the Alliance of Order Role Play, you will need to buddy everyone else who is active in the RP so that you can see their newest creations related to the RP. Just because you buddy them, that doesn't mean you have to be their friend. We're simply asking that you do it to know everything that is going on in the RP. You will need to contact Ex0dus_or Jorisarii for the buddy/player list.


The following are not required for the Alliance of Order Role Play but are highly recommended:

  • Spore Creepy and Cute Parts Pack- This is one of two expansions for the game Spore. Almost all of the players in the Alliance of Order Role Play have this expansion. This expansion adds new parts and paints for the Creature Creator and Outfitter. There are a lot of RP creations already that use these parts. There are even some empire's that use these parts. If you do not have this expansion pack, you will not be able to view any creations (this includes Adventures) with the parts. This could put you at a serious disadvantage. An example of this could be that someone uses Creepy and Cute parts on a creation that is placed in an Adventure made in Galactic Adventures; you wouldn't be able to find out what happens in that adventure without contacting the creator, and that's a pain. The adventure might also start something important in the RP.


  • No Godmodding - Godmodding means being "OP" (over powered) in the RP. This goes for both the chat form and the Spore form. An example of godmodding could be doing something like instantly destroying someone else's army by means that can be universally considered absurd.
  • No Ship, Machine, or Weapon Can Be Bigger than a Planet - A lot of people have already broken this rule, and we're struggling to enforce it, but it's still there, and those who break it will be contacted about it. Basically, anything your empire creates, such as some sort of super weapon, giant machine, or giant ship cannot be larger than a planet. This also means you can't do something stupid/silly like making all your ships and weapons as big as a planet as that would be considered godmodding.
  • Only 2 Super Weapons are Allowed - In the Alliance of Order Role Play, a Super Weapon is basically any form of weapon that can do more damage than regular weapons. An example of a Super Weapon can be some giant machine the size of a planet that can destroy a planet. You're not allowed to have more than two super weapons.
  • Do Not Kill/Destroy Someone Else's Character, Empire, or Object Without Permission - You are not allowed to kill or destroy something important or a character that belongs to another player in the RP without permission first from that player. Something important can be a super weapon or a special item needed, like maybe some type of crystal with power. A character is simply any RP character someone makes who plays an individual role in the RP. An example of a character can be an empire's leader. You also can't destroy someone else's empire without permission. However, this does not mean that you cannot attack an empire.
  • No Bot Parts - There are so many people, including quite a few in the RP, that simply don't have Bot Parts and have no way of legitimately getting them. Remember that there are no more codes, and that Dr. Pepper is no-longer accepting the codes, so please do not use Bot Parts in this RP.
  • Always Release an Alt to Modded RP Creations - Spore mods are allowed in this RP, but we ask that if you do make any creations with modded parts (such as Dark Injection parts), to please release a non-modded version of that creation. Although mods are free, not everyone wants them and some may not be allowed to get them.
  • Be Polite - Please do not be rude or mean to any of the other players in the RP. Keep in mind that it's perfectly okay and actually normal to have one of your RP characters be rude or mean to another RP character, just not player to player interaction (as in none in RP form).
  • Keep Cussing to a Minimum - Cussing is allowed, but please, don't over do it. Also, we ask that you please do not use the N word (As it specifically denotes a race of Human, and as actual Humans have long since gone extinct in the RP, there should be absolutely no incentive to use the word, even in despite of the Humans' lasting influence).
  • Leave the Old RP Undisturbed - As a result of several fragmentations of the RP during the course of the year 2016, what had long been it's main reality has become unstable, and as a result, all content deemed canon prior to November 2nd, 2016 shall permanently remain canon in despite of any ignorance or deletion of said content for any reason, and restrictions shall be imposed on an individual basis as to which of the remaining realities may be used, in a hope of preventing further conflict through isolation, and especially to prevent any form of destabilisation and/or contradiction of the RP's canon from it's beginning until late August 2015.  This rule is in effect as of November 4th, 2016, and shall remain in effect permanently in despite of any changes to the rules or either de facto or de jure ignorance of this rule.