The Alliance of Order (A.O.O for short) was a powerful alliance of several empires from many different galaxies. It was originally founded by the Squin Empire as the Anti-Grox Alliance and its main goal was to exterminate the Grox from every galaxy.

Fake Omniverse Wars

Being controlled by an aggressive race, the alliance has gone through several wars.

The Grox War

This war has been going on even before the alliance existed. It started when the Grox Empire declared war on the Deku Scrub Empire. The Deku Scrubs asked the Squin Empire to help them, though the Squin were allied with the Grox at that time. The Squin were already annoyed by the Grox because of their unnecessary rude comments about them being "superior" and how "inferior" everyone else is. The Squin decided to break the alliance, declare war on the Grox, and attempt to rally up a bunch of empires into being brave enough to declare war on the Grox. The result was the Anti-Grox Alliance, founded by the Squin, a warrior empire, the Grob, Grox rebels who are traders, and the Alphi, a bard empire. This war is the longest of all these wars, has even lasted during other wars, and the Grox have lost around half their empire due to it. For some reason, most likely due to a glitch, the Grox have never attacked the Squin, but have still attacked the other alliance members.

The Frostaur War

A while later, the A.O.O had introduced new members, the most important being the ancient Ala-Ik Empire. The Squin got a call from another alliance called the Janusian Order of Empires (J.O.O.E), made by honzik99, and their galaxy was in a 3-way war, between them, the Grox, and an alliance called the Frostaur Horde. Eventually, the Frostaurs defected to the Grox and became the Mechtaurs. After they were defeated, the Anti-Grox Alliance merged with the Janusian Order of Empires, creating the Alliance of Order.

The Squin Civil War

This war affected mainly the Squin Empire instead of the other members. It started when a rebel group of Squin called the Squin Spodification Group attacked the Squin capital. Their goal was to convert the Squin Empire into a zealot empire. After the attack was lost by the rebels, the empire found the location of their leader, who had been hiding for a very long time. Before he was killed, Spode appeared and took him away to safety after revealing his plans to finally bring the universe into unity by destroying all the unbelievers. Spode's first attack was on the Squin capital, but he was defeated and supposedly destroyed by the Exiled One.

The War of Spodification


Squin City during the War of Spodification.

At this time, the two Deku Scrub empires of the Squin Galaxy had been in the A.O.O, one is a shaman empire, the other a zealot empire. The zealot empire suddenly betrayed the alliance and revealed to have brought back the Squin Spodification Group. In a battle, they revealed that Spode was still alive. This war lasted a long time and went on even into the Alliance of Order Civil War.

The Alliance of Order Civil War

This war started when the Squin became distrusting of the Spine Grox Empire, an empire of a species closely related to the Grox. They expelled them from the alliance and declared war. The Janus Empire thought of this as unfair and defected to the Spine Grox, becoming the Spine Janus. The two "rebel" empires created a new alliance, the Spine Warriors of Raging Destruction, or S.W.O.R.D. Later in the war, the Janus betrayed the Spine Grox and revealed their "spine" mutations to be holographic disguises. Spode and the zealots helped S.W.O.R.D, but were defeated, and the zealot Deku Scrub Empire rejoined the alliance after becoming a diplomat empire. The Spine Grox lost the war, but were let back in the alliance despite the fact the Squin still hated them.

The Second Alliance of Order Civil War

Still not satisfied with just forcing the Spine Grox to surrender, the Squin declared war on them again and booted them from the alliance once more. This time, the Ala-Ik and Janus Empires left the alliance in order to avoid conflict, and united into the Double Janus Empire. The conflicts of the war died down a bit, and they rejoined. The war ended peacefully, with no one as victor.

Reaper War

(Due to mistakes in perspective by the user who began this war, this war is non-canon until further notice.)

Around this time, the Reapers tried exterminating the entire omniverse but failed to exterminate the A.O.O. It had more deaths caused than almost any other war the A.O.O has been through. The Squin also went through a very short war against the Krimn due to a mistake the Krimn made, they attacked the Squin but meant the attack to be against another empire. After hearing of the mistake, the Squin made peace.

The Alliance of Order Cold War

The Squin discovered that a large zealot empire called the Mokodok Empire from another galaxy is planning to convert the Squin Galaxy and already have a base there. They do not get along and it has turned into a cold war. It is likely to turn into a Second War of Spodification.

The Second War of Spodification

The cold war became this war. The actual fighting started whenever the Mokodoks formed a blockade around the Squin Galaxy. The Squin felt threatened by this and destroyed the blockade. In retaliation, the Mokodoks launched a surprise attack on Glaxon, killing millions of Squin. This resulted in the Squin declaring war. The Mokodoks went on and conquered one fourth of the Squin Empire, and launched an attack on the Janus homeworld. The Janus Empire started to fall apart. The Squin eventually reclaimed their planets and drove the Mokodoks out of their galaxy. The Ala-Ik, Spine Grox, and Aurots helped save the Zelenay Galaxy, the Janus galaxy. Now, the Squin are attacking the Mokodok Empire's home galaxy and uprisings are tearing the Mokodoks apart.

The Mushroom War

After moving to the New Squin Galaxy, the Squin discovered that an unknown empire is infecting many empires into mushroom-like species. This species is very powerful and disable any ships that even get close to their solar systems. They avoid communication and no one knew what they look like. They were at war with the A.O.O and were planning to infect every member, and eventually, the Omniverse. They were revealed to be Mushroom Pikmin, and were stopped thanks to the cure.

The Inter-Galactic War

This is possibly the biggest war the A.O.O has ever been through. It started with what was called the Second Squin Civil War. It was between the Squin Empire, the Squin Spodification Group, and two new rebel groups, the Squin Democratic Group, which wanted a democracy, and the Squin Monarchy Group, which wanted the Squin to be a Monarchy again. The Arton saw this war as an opportunity to destroy the Squin, and the Spodum Empire saw this opportunity to control the Squin by helping the Monarchy. After the Monarchy took over, the Janus took charge of the A.O.O and turned it into the I.O.E, or Imperial Order of Empires. In the end, the Arton were freed from the Brood Mother, who was controlling them the whole time, the Janus were destroyed by the Mumbleflubbies, and the Squin Monarchy was destroyed, letting the Communist Squin take over again. However, the Ala-Ik kept control of the I.O.E, until Silvias Portstrike killed their only settlement outside of the pocket realities.  The Squin were then given all former Janus territory and took charge of the A.O.O once more. The Squin Empire merged with all A.O.O empires in their galaxy, and formed one big empire, the Union of Risen Empires.  From there, the A.O.O would go on to conquer the Omniverse until the Dobolorean Shield finally stopped them.

Real Omniverse Wars

Main Universe Wars

The main universe's A.O.O has gone through all of these wars except the last of the previous list.  Later on, two other wars occured.

Fall Of The A.O.O

Commonly referred to as the fall of the A.O.O, this war was the end of the Alliance Of Order.  It split into three factions: the Rycarna Alliance, led by the Shami, the OCAJP, led by the USZR, and the Allied Hive, led by the Exiled Hive, soon to become the Exiled Mass.  These factions remained how they were until the next war destroyed them all.

The Apocalyptic War

This war that lasted six years began when the Allied Hive was taken over by Te'Tzaan, the former leader of the Zorkrio-Hormescrid Dominion.  He turned it into the Exilist Order Of Perfection, and in protest against this, the Zorkrio-Hormescrid Dominion left the alliance to join the Rycarna Alliance.  Anyway, Te'Tzaan decided to ally the OCAJP and go to war against the Rycarna, but the Final Swarm told some of the empires to make time capsules, as the war would wipe them all out.  They did the same to each alliance, and so, some empires survived beyond the war that would ultimately kill them off.

The final action in the war was when Steve caused the T.E.O.P's spaceship/meeting room to selfdestruct, killing Te'Tzaan.  In his last seconds of life, he told his own empire, the United Fleet Of Space Pirates, to exterminate the universe of sapient life.  There were few survivors.  Some remained isolated for millions of years, and others engaged in the Forgotten War.

The empires that made time capsules awakened 50 million years into the future.  Some were accompanied by their ancient leaders, some had knowledge of their past with them, and one empire even gained their knowledge of the past from divine guidance.

Alternate Wars

S.W.O.R.D Universe

The War Of Justice

The A.O.O here, after losing to the S.W.O.R.D in the A.O.O Civil War, experienced a war similar to the Second A.O.O Civil War, yet unrelated. It began when the Ala-Ik took over the Squin Spodification Group's homeworld shortly after the previous war ended. With the Exiled One's assistance, the A.O.O then proceeded to liberate the S.W.O.R.D-occupied portions of the Squin Galaxy and all territories they took over since the last war. The Ala-Ik eventually discovered the Janus' holographic disguises, and would eventually appoint Andre II, who was currently unhatched, as the leader of the Janus, who'd, being raised in a pro-Ala-Ik environment, eventually annex the Janus as part of the Ala-Ik Empire. All of that aside, the A.O.O won the war, and the territories of the Spine Grox and their allies in their home galaxy were divided under the occupation of every A.O.O member.

The Second War Of Spodification (S.W.O.R.D)

As soon as the Zealotic Mokodoks, under the rule of Emperor Karjuvika, settled in the Bode's Galaxy, the A.O.O immediately declared war on them due to their Zealotic faith. With the A.O.O's advanced technology, they succeeded while co-operating with the Spodum Empire. All Zealotic Mokodok territories in the Bode's Galaxy were given to the Spods, who joined the A.O.O.

The Mushroom War (S.W.O.R.D)

The Mushroom Pikmin began to infect Squin Galaxy territories after the former expanded across their home galaxy and became the dominant power there. This coincided with the Arton attacks, resulting in a rapid collapse of the post-occupation Squin Empire. The Squin Galaxy and it's satellite galaxies were deemed under quarantine by the A.O.O, and were abandoned by the survivors, who settled in the Milky Way's neutral territories, but any and all Zealots attempting to escape were destroyed. The Mumbleflubbies, however, remained in their original territory due to their immunity, making their territory an important A.O.O research base. The Squin now associating themselves as a part of the Mushroom Pikmin, the Arton eradicated the latter and their mushroom plague, now turning their attention to the Milky Way. Fortunately, the Zy'Na were gathered in time and killed the Arton Brood Mother, as had happened in the main timeline.

Alliance Of Omniversal Order

After the 50-million year time skip, the Mokodoks, now having formed the FMR, formed the Alliance Of Omniversal Order.  It soon collapsed due to Zealotic terrorists, only to reform as a United Nations-esque organisation.


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  • The 2nd War of Spodification was similar to World War II.

The Squin are like Russia because they were attacked and lost millions of lives and the Mokodoks almost got to invade their homeworld, but were pushed back. The Germans got close to Moscow, but were pushed back.

The Ala-Ik are like America because they are very powerful and remained neutral at first, just like America.

The Mokodoks are like the Germans because they were the invaders, like Germany.

The Grox are like Italy because they were allied with the Mokodoks, like Italy was allied with Germany.

The Porthex are like Japan because they got destroyed, like Japan got nuked.

The Spine Grox are like Great Britain because they are powerful and helped a lot, but were never invaded, like UK.

The Janus are like France because they were taken over by the Mokodoks, but were saved by the Ala-Ik and Spine Grox, like USA and UK saved France.